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How Magnesium levels in your body affect the quality of your Cannabis high

Hi Topher. How much?

There is also a non-hydrated or desiccated magnesium chloride available that contains approximately twice as much magnesium as the hydrated product. If using this then just half the amounts indicated above. It is now also available in tablet form but more expensive.
This last part is what I wanted to hear! Tablet form! Wooo! Hahaha. Thanks bud! :slide:
thank you drumlove420, great post! I have mine sitting next to the light switch in the kitchen so I don;'t forget it before I go to bed at night.
Oh wow, this explains a lot. I have to keep my magnesium and potassium levels up due to one of my blood pressure meds. Now I get why I am high for such long periods of time. Cool!
An old thread but very interesting. TY for posting. I just want to add a little warning for women.. Not sure about men on this point.. " If you take the mag daily you could have the effect of it working as sexual enhancer. Mostly not in a real good way. It can put you in a constant 24/7 state of sexual arousal. Should you have this issue just back off on your dosage or stop all together. I am speaking from experience. Many doctor appointments and no relief until one said " Ohhh this is easy, stop taking the magnesium" be safe in all meds you put in your body. Have a great night everyone.
to add to your post i have bin doing my own resurch into magnesium and found its crutial for cell growth adding to that it helps grow ALL CELLS my brother works for a maker of nuttrents for humans so i did a little looking into it and too much mag will not hurt a plant so i have bin adding a mag suplement to my nute mix for my plants and will be doing extra in the final flower phase to see if it will help make it more potent. . . . we will see im guessing if eaten it will have more of an effect but i dont know about smoking it i guess we will see
I've been told liquid mag is much quicker acting and better than pills. Did I understand correctly - do use dissolved flakes and drink it? Just curious - I was led to believe the best use for flakes is in a warm bath. Thank you for this info I was unaware it effected our high.
You know I read a lot online and I'll be damned I tried some mag supplements 450 mg for the past 4 days. Feeling like a champ and I need a lot less dabs and herb to get the same effect you are definitely on to something with this. Glad I took the time to read this. Good post great info more people should try it imo. TYVM :bravo: