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How much RSO should I take?


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I’m getting ready to try rso for my copd. An was wondering if anyone could tell me how much I should be taking on a daily basis


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I have COPD going on pretty good and never even thought of using cannabis in any form to help with it.

About 6 years ago while talking to my 85 yo mom on the phone I got a sharp, stabbing pain in my mid-back portion just under my rt shoulder blade.

I must have grunted a bit because mom asked if I felt alright. "Nothin' mom just tweaked a muscle or something earlier."

Over the next minute or so it felt like someone had stuck a rusty bread knife in my back and was sawing around to the front. My mom freaked out and said, I'm hanging up sp you can call 9/11!

I put the phone down and staggered into the shop where the wife was doing shit with her birds. I got a real bad pain in my back I said then keeled over. Still awake but crippled with pain and lack of air I guess.

We got my sorry ass into the pickup and hauled ass to the hospital 20 miles away. As we drove she called to give then a head's up. When we got there this huge nurse walked out of the Emerg area and asked if I was the chest patient. Wife yelled, Hell Yes! and the land whale turned around and said follow me. WTF!

Stupid doctor didn't have a clue what was going on and kept me on a rock-hard emerg bed all night with some other dim-bulb walrus coming in every 20 min to check my BP and O2 levels.

About 9am the morning after purgatory they tossed me into an ambulance that has zero shock absorbers and sent me 60 miles north to a hospital with a CAT scanner.

The EM guys barely got me off their gurney into the scanner and the doc dragged me out to install a Heimlich valve to re-inflate my collapsed right lung. 5 seconds later I was ready to party! A week later I had a small stroke that I'm still dealing with years later. Not too bad but sometimes words I know in head won't come out and things I think I have a good grasp on end up on the floor. Get a little tipsy before a drink too. Thank Jah for spell check or you would have trouble reading what I thought I'd typed. :D

About 2 years after that, guess what. Sitting here I got that same stabbing pain in my back and the same sensation of being carved to the front. The pain level was barely half of the first time so I said fuggit and went to bed. Slept for a good 7 hours, told the wife I'd need a ride to the hospital after my bath and off we went a good 10 hours after the pain started.

Huge mistake going back to the local hospital. The Nazi old fart doc spent over a half hour trying to split my ribs apart to stuff in a 3/8" chest tube that fell out 15 min after he finally got it in. Imagine someone stabbing a big Buck knife just under your rt armpit, twisting it hard then yanking it out just to do it again. 30 - 40 times over the next 40 minutes. No f'n anesthesia at all!

I screamed that f'n house down! I near broke that nice nurse's hand that was hanging on to mine to keep it up so the doc had access to the hole he carved in my chest.

Now when a doc asks how my pain levels feel on a scale of 1 - 10. I really know what 10 feels like and arthritic pain I used to think was about 7 is now a 4. Even a 3 maybe.

Got an update last Dec when my 5 year leaky appendix blew up and made me re-think the whole pain level idea.

That's another horror story for another thread. ;)

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