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I am new to this and need help

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What's wrong with this plant. I am hoping the picture is attached and if it isn't how do I attach it. I believe it is root for but idk:( all my plants look like this and they were all healthy but as soon as one got sick they all did within days. I can't even clone anything cuz they all die too. It's not because I am inexperienced cuz I have cloned mtiole times before. Any advice???
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There's a pictorial in my signature. Try looking thru that.
I've seen that type of pictures on here and done remember if it was cause of Too much heat or too much nutes etc.
Need a little more info.
What are you feeding them...are they in dirt or hydro etc?
At first glance it looks like heat/light stress and serious dehydration which could be both heat and too much nutrients. What are the temps? humidity? soil or hydro? nutes and feeding schedule? size of pot(s)? type of lighting and distance from plants?
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It's hydro, the humidity just jumped up due to moving the plants to a moist area:( but I feed fix farm and I do use co2. However the plants are my mothers and are over 2 years old and have been super heathy until now. so other then moving them to a damp room. I was thinking that with them being in a 5 gallon pot for that long and then staying so damp maybe they started to get root rot. Nothing else makes sense. I am talking they were healthy one day and looked like that almost overnight and now my whole mother room was affected within a couple days
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And they don't drink water either. They used to drink pretty regular but now they are almost just sitting in moisture and not drinking anything
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The area isn't super damp by the way, there isn't any mold anywhere. I also have a dehumidifier in the room now so the dampness isn't bad, but the plants still have not recovered. They weren't in the damp area for very long before they started looking sick. So I guess what I am tryin to say is that they weren't in high humidity for more then 4 days before the signs. I thought that the humidifier would fix it but it hasnt

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at 2 years of age ,unless you apply root care products are probably suffering from pathogens around the root ball and the change in enviroment made the plant more susceptible to these pathogens.

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they too are infected, pathogens and other nastys around rootball leave the plant open to infections and disease.
the clones are most likely just as sick as theyre mummy :(