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I'm back


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I'm not sure if any of you remember me, I joined 1-2 years ago I think.... Not sure to be honest.

I've been sober for about 4 months now, with the exception of going to a party here an there... I had to take a break from it all because it was getting in the way of my life, and I had to much shit going on to party... Although, things are picking up, and I've started smoking from time to time again.

Some of my interests include: Psychology, Philosophy, Dreaming, Lucid Dream, Dream Science and Psychology, Self awareness, Meditation, Boxing, Weight lifting, Parkour, Snowboarding, Guitar, Programming, Networking, Counter-Strike, Hanging out with friends, Partying, etc...

I want to learn how to grow, and last time I was here, it was a great place to learn from with tons of friendly and helpful community members.

I hope to meet new people and meet new friends. I hope I'm welcome with open arms! :p

Note: For the most part, I'm against recreational usage. I tend to take this seriously. I prefer to use weed specifically to help me relax, appetite, and to help me sleep. (Along with self awareness)
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