Irie's going on vacation!

Hey 420 members :ganjamon:
I’m heading to Seychelles for a short holiday tomorrow and will be there till the end of the month. It’s been a busy last 3 Years of work with not much time off and I’ve been given leave now between the 22nd June - 7th July sooooo iv’e decided last minute to take a quick holiday.
Being from South Africa, Seychelles is pretty close and it looks amazing so I’ve booked tickets for my girlfriend and I and we’ll be flying tomorrow evening and I’ll be leaving my grow in one of my close mates hands.
I’m going there to just chill out - but if any of you have ever been up there for a holiday, gimme some must-do’s and must-see’s and also of course I’d love some info on their cannabis culture, I’ve not even researched on the availablity of cannabis around Seychelles as I don’t mind the idea of a bit of a tolerance break, but as a few of you may know me I’d also love to get blazed on my holiday...:bongrip::rollit::rofl:
@420 Rob I saw on insta you were recently there - any pointers would be appreciated brother! :ganjamon::passitleft:
Sorry I never saw this until now, are you still around?
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