Is this organic fertilizer good for cannabis?


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So, great company and great products that actually work. This one is new i was wondering - any good for growing cannabis? NPK rating looks like something used for veg stage, but there is extra stuff in there. There it goes:

NPK 1,4–0,01–0,2 (B 1,7%, Mn 0,19%, Mo 0,02%, Zn 0,02%)

Its is an organic humus & peat extract product and so far they have worked perfectly for me.

So... can this be used for veg stage? Its says - for autumn blooming plants.
Yes, it can :)
Organic nutrients work great for MJ :thumb:

NPK ratio sounds like it will be ok for veg but a little more N - nitrogen wouldn't go a miss tho... for flowering MJ it could be a little bit better in the P, k - phosphorus & potassium also lacks quite few micro nutrients !

I may suggest looking around for a grow, bloom and micro nutrient range... if ya into the full organic way of growing i may suggest Biobbizz products & i believe Canna now do organic nutrients as well, they are dutch companies to which i'm sure ya find the products across Europe mainly with online hydro store tho.
Thanks for answering guys,

Problem with biobizzz and other popular stuff is that there is no way i can get in part of Europe where i live - the north. So the search for nutes and soils is on-going :D
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