How can I use this lawn fertilizer in my cannabis plants?


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A neighbor has given me two 18lb bags of "Dr. Earth Supernatural Lawn Fertilizer". It's NPK is 9-3-5. It is derived from fish meal, feather meal, corn gluten meal, alfalfa meal, kelp flour plus P and K. It also has guaranteed Mychorrhizae and beneficial bacteria.

I could just use it on my lawn but I use a different organic fert for my lawn and the NPK numbers look good for my outdoor cannabis plants. This is not that different from some of Dr. Earth's plant fertilizers with similar ingredients that tell you to use 1/2 cup per 5 gallon pot. Would this be how I could use this? (Since I grow only outdoors, I wouldn't start using this until next spring.)
Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good mix of nutrients, particularly in veg. For flower, I'd decrease the N and up the P&K. What kind of soil are you currently growing in? If it's unamended then use it full strength, if not I'd start half strength, see how it does, and adjust acordingly.
Depends on the P and K source for containers. I wood go REAL easy with that stuff in a container. Try 1/4 cup and wait and see.....
Yeah, I used one of the Dr. Earth granular fertilizer on my second outdoor grow 4 years ago and it called for 1/2 cup per 5 gal pot per month but the nitrogen was about half of what this is so if I use it next year, I will start out with 1/4 cup.
Check out Geoflora - its formulated for cannabis not too pricey. Organic granular and pretty easy. It's for soil growing, I tried it this last round and everything was great.
I'll check it out. It may be the ticket for my next year's grow! Thanks.

If you look at the label of the Dr. Earth lawn fertilizer it has tons of beneficial microbes (if they're still alive). I did have good results with their all purpose granular 4 years ago. So I might use it a couple of plants and see how it works.

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