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Jack Herer pipe


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Re: Jack Herer pipe?

Congrats on your new pipe ViCiOsO, I was thinking about getting one myself.
You'll have to give us a nice review Ive heard of someone getting something around 30+ hits a bowl:smokin:. And the price isn't listed on the site, about how much was it with s&h?


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Re: Jack Herer pipe?

Well I bought a few other things. The price exceeded $75, so shipping was free. Cool deal.

The smoke is great. Nice and cool. You can just keep hitting it without your throat burning up. And if you pack it properly, you get a shitload of hits! I think the reason they advise you to pack it this way is so you only have to light it once (if done properly). This way you don't expose the little piece of wood in the chamber, that devides the smoke, directly to fire. So I'll be careful with that.

Cleaning it will be tricky though, but I'll deal with that later. For now, :smoke2:
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