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I don't know if it was on this site or read somewhere else,but the ideal was to randomly go around to different places you visit, and enjoying it. Can you plant your seeds from your weed.Will the seeds from your regular stash become plants again.If they do sound awesome would drive em crazy to find plant growing everywhere.Will try it this spring, and if they are perennials they'll comeback next year too. Maybe it'll give them something to do other then bother us :peace:


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I have had this idea for a while...

I want to drive all over the country, just throwing handfulls of cannabis seeds EVERYWHERE. Out the car window into grassy medians, when I stop, into parks, EVERYWHERE. Hundreds of thousands of seeds.

Imagine, plants sprouting just EVERYWHERE. I know it sounds weird, and I am not sure WHY I want to do this.. I just do.

I think George Washington inspired me.
“Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere.” - George Washington


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When brought out into the light of day it will be seen it's just a plant.A multi use plant at that. :peace:

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Yes it will work... :50:
I lived in perry Michigan and we did that all up and down main stree in the city planter for flowers and for the trees planter what a laugh we had all year they had to pull plants... :19:

It was Awsome... :green_heart:

MV... :yummy:


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I use to do this as a kid, i would start all my bag seeds in my shed, pick my very favorites and do them close by and the ones that didn't make the cut always got put in the forest behind my house in a pair ( one male on female)

but only vary rarely did i find new generations popping up the next year

The forest that was behind my house was heavily traversed and i figure they got nabbed up the season b4.

lol i like the ice cube idea

"Drive by..."


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Back when I was in college we dropped some behind the hedge at city hall. Made the news next spring when someone realized what the cops were "growing". ;)
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