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Just Starting Journal - Day 80 Mainline 8 Color Purple - CFL Only


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Well here it is..
Early veg. stage with some LST Bout 12"

Pot : 3.5 GAL Round Plastic
Medium : Soil (PC MAGICSOIL) pre-treated greenhouse grade.
Nutrients: 2 doses half strength blue Miracle Grow (veg) 1 dose half strength Miracle Grow Bloom (flowering)
Lighting : CFL 1X250W 2100K, 2X26W Agro grow bulbs, 2 T8 tubes on the side. Sun once in a while :thumb:
Fan : 1X20W electric AC
Expected Yield : DRY 112G (MIN) 200G (MAX)
Lifespan : 120 Days
Light Cycle : 24/7 Veg. 12/12 Flowering
Grow Method : 8 Colla Tied Mainline from seed.

I will post more pics soon of the finished product.
Happy Harvestin!!!!!


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Things are going well pre-flowering is over and buds are in bloom.
Here is a few more pics showing the whole canopy as well as some bud development.
First the canopy..

you can see all 8 collas which should yield a minimum of .5oz dry.

Now onto buds...

and now the comparison to my arm..lol

The last pic is to show the inter node ready for the filling of niceness..


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Very nice mainlining effort. last time i tried this i got 8 even stalks but they were bald. excessive defoliation in flowering does not bode well.

looking good :)

David Bowman

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