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K.I.S.S. RDWC nutes?

K.I.S.S. or full nutrient lineup?

  • Keep it simple

  • Use a full nutrient lineup with all additives

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I'm just finishing my first grow in coco. I didn't enjoy the process or the results very much. I want to be able to more accurately monitor and control PPM and water uptake, so I want to move over to DWC.

However, I also like the concept of keeping it simple. I read that GH MaxiBloom is essentially the Lucas formula. While the Lucas formula might not be best, it is certainly enticing to think that I can buy this one nute, put enough to bring PPMs to where I want them, and call it a day.

What do you all think about this lineup for keeping it simple?

Tap water ~150ppm
GH Maxibloom
GH ArmorSi
pH Up/Down

I have some Emerald Harvest CalMag in case it ends up being needed at all. I may add it in small amounts regardless as it doesn't seem to hinder things too much if I add a little too much.

I am also curious about the difference between wet and dry nutes. If you can buy both, both cost the same, which do you prefer?


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To clarify, the Lucas formula using GH Flora Micro/Bloom at 8/16 ratio results in an N-P-K-Mg ratio of 40-80-72-24 % volume while Maxibloom using 7g per gallon results in 35-105-98-24.5 %. Very close considering both the cost difference as well as the simplicity.

However, I want to hear more about how much you all believe the additives really help beyond just the basic nutes. Are they a marketing gimmick or the real deal?


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I really don’t understand the Lucas formula. But I’m a dwc grower using general hydroponic micro grow and bloom. With calmag flourish plus’s armor si flora blend and so on other the expert kit.
Then I also have ran the basic schedule and really I’ve seen no difference both ways. But the master kit was fun to use just the idea of all the chemicals But then it’s easy to f up with all them.

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