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light diffusers?


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They are a gimmick introduced with adjustable bat wing open hoods...Very few grow stores stock either anymore and if so, I see them greatly discounted sitting there for months at a time.

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I used one a few years ago but only once for a grow...


The only thing it really done was fluffy airy buds !

Fuzzy Duck

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Nice fluffy.

So safe to say they are a waste? Oh well.......

I wouldn't say entirely a waste off $$$

The reflector in the pic above is only a cheap model which i found created hot spots mainly where the bulb screws into the bayonet fitting & this being in a localized area below said point which damaged leaf tissue & dried bud out to a worthless point of being binned in the focal point off the heat spot !

Hence a diffusser was used too stop problem which it did do successfully :thumb:

How ever fluffy or airy nugs of bud is not every body's cup of tea my ol china !

So i up graded my reflector to a better design & not looked back since.


Most standard hood designs do create a hot spot some where with some being at a more focused point than others !

So ye its really down to finding optimal hanging point of hood with said sized bulb of what ever wattage & if ya getting burnt bud then its to close :Namaste:

Or ultimately look at at cooled hoods which can be hanged a lot closer increasing effective light energy & in theory increasing mass of bud... but ya should really clean glass of air cooled hoods after each grow as dust/dirt build up may diminsh light quality & over time lower mass of bud if ya a lazy cleaner !
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