Lighting question?


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I currently have a 150w mini Floralux HPS, and it does decent for flowering
but i want to upgrade, im just not sure if another one would cause too much
heat to build up in my tent.

So like with a 3 x 3 x 5 tent, and two 150w mini Floralux systems (each with a 4" exhaust fan, pulling the heat from the hoods and out of the tent) do you think it would be too hot? also would it yield ok?

reason im asking is because another mini Floralux would only cost another $65, rather than paying $100+ for a 250w upgrade.
I say go for it! place the lights side by side spread at a distance to give yourself the third off light effect. Vent both out the same opening in the top of your tent with a Y if needed. Now you need something to regulate % RH, Air movement is a must! Get some of those clap on fans that adjust different angles mine has 2 speeds and am using 1 now to blow air out of my tent. It has worked out so far but that is another thing your have to get but its down the road if dont need odor controll at the moment is a filter can inside the tent to cause neg pressure this way there are no leaks of odor this is caused by the vacuum of the fan blowing out of the tent. Hope this helps out and good luck.
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