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Marijuana and irregular menstrual cycle


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Do any of you females that smoke on a regular basis find that marijuana changes, slows, or even stops your period? I'm a couple weeks late, took a pregnancy test and it's negative. I don't have any signs of pregnancy other than the missed period. I'm a pretty heavy smoker, haven't been a day without a smoke in a couple months so I was wondering if this could be the source. I read that the THC alters your hormones, but only on some government site so I don't really know if that's true. So please shed some light on me!


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First of all it's a shame to have to say this but don't believe ANYTHING you hear about marijuana from ANY govt. source.

That's not to say there isn't some truth in it.....it's just that you need to consider at least two more opinions as the govt. opinion doesn't even count. The feds are on an agenda all their own with no compassion involved. They are known to ignore independant scientific evidence, proof, and studies about the positive & healing effects marijuana has on the body. They are known to 'put out' rumors and bad info quite often contrary to actual scientific findings, perhaps you found some there.

This is a great place to start asking as most members will be honest when answering your queries. I wish I had some knowledge of the situation you describe or at least some sources for you to search. I'm sure someone will post up some info or links for you to search.....

Keep checking back and I hope you're feeling well and worry free soon.

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I have smoked for many years, and my problems had nothing to do with Cannabis.

In fact, when I needed relief most, Cannabis helped ease the pain.

Go to a doctor, find out whats wrong. I seriously doubt Marijuana is the cause.

If you want to pm me, we can talk more.
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i have been smoking since i was younger. i really started smoking a lot when i was about 20. i don't think it effected my monthly, but i never really paid a lot of attention, although my mother would have noticed when i still lived with her. she would have been on my case thinking i was pregnant all the time. so no i don't think it affected me like that. hope you find out. good luck
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My monthlies didn't get regular until after I had my son. And I was\am a multiple times a day smoker. And it did help with the cramps but not the endometriosis. There are other things that can cause irregular periods-stress is a real big one. But yeah talk to your doctor they should ask the right questions. Hope this helps.


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weird...I have been regular since I started smoking everyday a few times a day. But I dont believe MJ has had a effect on that really.

are you eating right???


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I've smoked for number of years usually twice or more a day... and like all the other ladies on here have said it helps with the cramps or just the pain associated with Aunt flow. But something to pay attention to is your eating habits cuz if eat more or start to eat less that can have an affect on your monthly, just like stress... but talk to your doctor cuz it could be something completly different you know


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Hiya, I have a view on this question as someone who has smoked at least 3 spliffs per day for the last 15 years.

I always have a period but my cycles are long and I never know when they are going to come on, not like some gals who know the exact day.

Hubby smokes the same if not more than I do. We have been trying for a baby for 18 months now unsuccessfully and tests have revealed that we both have minor fertility problems which delay our chances. Mine is related to the hormones that trigger ovulation.

Since we started I have paid a lot more attention to my monthly cycles than I ever did, and have to confirm in my personal experience, smoking pot makes a difference. I have found that on the months when I have tried to smoke less or not smoke for a few days it has made my cycles more erratic and harder to predict.

I have reviewed scientic journals on these subjects in a bid to get more info as I also disregard much of what is on health websites. I wanted to see actual studies and experiments. What I discovered was that regular consistent use is seen to keep things quite regular. Occasional use is what seems to cause the problems. This seems to tie in with my personal findings when looking at my own cycle.

Just to add the male perspective smoking 3 spliffs a day for 15 years has not reduced my hubbys sperm count, or affected their motility. he has a very minor increase in the number of abnormally shaped sperm, which just means things will happen slower for us.

sorry for waffling on so long!


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I'm here because I googled "marijuana irregular periods", and I have to agree with the above post. I'm an occasional smoker. Usually I'll smoke a joint with friends once every month or so, but every few months (usually during vacations, more often in the summer) I'll go through a time where I smoke everyday for a several days. I've noticed that during those times my menstrual cycle does change. Once I got my period two weeks earlier than expected. It's happened a couple times now and it's always during that period when I'm smoking more than usual. Right now I'm waiting for my period, and it's already five days later than usual and counting...and I've just finished a little "spree" where I was smoking everyday for about a week....so there is definitely a direct correlation, I think...


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When you suffer from irregular mentsrual cycle, it is advisable to eat green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables helps promote regular cycle of menstruation. Thus, it is also advisable to drink plenty of water.
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I'm glad I found this great forum by googling for "estrogen marijuana"

I too have heard the rumors and also have developed a hormone problem. I'm a HEAVY smoker, ~1 gram per day of good quality herb daily for more than 5 years. I recently developed an ovarian cyst due to a hormone imbalance. Most people's cysts go away after a month, but mine has lingered for 4 months and now I need surgery:( I'm wondering if it's the pot. My diet is fantastic, mostly organic vegetables including lots of leafy greens, so I don't think it's diet or environmentally related. I don't drink alcohol and my other recreational drugs use is 5-10 times per year and not lately. It could be stress or genetics I suppose. I think I'll cut back on my smoking to see what happens, even though it helps with the pain right now. I'll try to remember to post a follow up here if I ever get conclusive results. I love weed, I would hate to give it up.:peace:

Forgot to mention- Until now, I've had 28 day cycles the whole time I've been smoking and I'm 27 years old, so I'm really not sure it's the weed. And my male friends smoke just as much and have no hormone problems.


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I have been experiencin the same problems. I am 3 weeks late but all negatives and I'm
not really stressed. I have read in multiple places that in young girls it efeects it. I am 22 in bout a week. Yes mj helps my cramps and head aches which is one reason I smoke cuz I've always had bad girl times and it makes em better. I've also read it can give u false neg that thc can mess with the outcome of the test. And we know that mj effects e eryone a little diff. So could it be possible it has these effects on some women. And would 22 be considered young girl? Lol. Thanks for any info,
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I have been a pretty regular pot smoker for a few years now.

I've changed my birth control many different times, which has caused my period to fluctuate quite a bit throughout the years.

I haven't been on birth control now for almost a year and my period has gone back to normal basically. Sometimes they are heavier then others, other times I get two light ones in a month instead of one big heavy one.

No matter how much marijuana I smoke it doesn't seem to affect my period in anyway. If anything, I use it to lessen the pain of cramps and help me sleep through the night. THC can affect your hormones but I don't think it specifically targets the ones that deal with your monthly "gift" lol.

This is only my opinion and my experience with weed, you're body could be reacting to it totally differently. I just thought I might add my two cents in. Cheers.


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I am a Certified Reflexologist and I am always on the lookout for information like this for my clients. Thank you. Since I am a medical user myself and a big advocate, I have been helping people who have trouble smoking it. I have been getting pretty good at making canndies(my spelling) (I am working on a line of Cannabis Canndies) and butter. For vegans I use olive oil. Have you tried to consume cannabis in different forms? I am also helping with the local harvest and I had access to small fresh buds to eat. I find the buds really help with nausea and other problems. Can you get some fresh buds? By showing people how to make their own consumables, that lowers the cost for them and expands their options. I hope this helps.


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Thank you both for the comments. My hormones and "gift" have always been irregualr, but excessive not non-existent. If im not prego then i am happy bout it effectin it this way. lol! It also helps my cramps and pain and nasuea as well which is one reason i smoke it. As far as other ways of sonsuming cannabis, actaully over the weekend i made some cannabutter and put it in chocolate chip cookies. After bout 5 cookies i felt high, but in a different since, and i also didnt have to worry bout the smoke hurtin my lungs or the smell at my job. I will be so happy when al legalizes it. :)
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Since the cannabanoids are body regulators, we may yet find one compound out of the mix of 60 or 70 identified compounds that will "cure" your problem or at least treat it at a symtomatic level. I am eager to see the latest research and new ways of using cannabis to heal. On a different note I have a tip if you do find some live buds, do not put them in the freezer, they turn to mush.
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