Marijuana Myths

I have actually read somewhere if you drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, that if you were to substitute smoking marijuana for the alcohol/cigs, it can extend your life anywhere from 8-24 years. I'm not sure how much research there is to back this up but its still interesting food for thought..
Firstly, I'd just like to let you know that anyone who says "a drink or 2 a day has health benefits" is a moron. And the two "rationalizations" (the one about mj and the other about alcohol) are COMPLETELY unrelated. There have been countless studies done with MJ and cancer and so far there have been extemely few tests that THC hasn't shown a positive effect, and even in these it hasn't done any harm. Here is just one of the many many studies that have been done.

THC (marijuana) helps cure cancer says Harvard study | NowPublic News Coverage

Now, don't get me wrong. I agree that there need to be many more tests and studies done on this. But at the same time, there are more than enough tests to where we at least KNOW that mj is not even a fraction of the health risk that alcohol causes. If you'd actually try to support your statements with facts then you would have realized when you tried to look up that MJ is just a health rationalization like alcohol, how SO wrong you are. It honestly blows my mind that someone on 420magazine is so poorly educated about cannabis. I thought that just about everyone here would KNOW mj has health benefits these days. I didn't realize people are still trying to argue against this when there is already so much evidence showing it haha.
Marijuana actually does NOT cause cancer. Marijuana use, alone, can't cause cancer. It's just not possible. Marijuana just doesn't have the cancer causing factors that tobacco or alcohol have. So i hate to mess up your novel of facts, but i figured i'd go ahead and point out that you got that one wrong. Cannabis alone just is not able to cause cancer. The only marijuana users who have ever even gotten cancer are the ones who smoke tobacco and/or drink alcohol as well. Their cancer is not from the marijuana though. I challenge you here and now to show me just 1 case of cancer throughout the last 10,000 years of history of marijuana use, that was solely the cause of marijuana.................................... Don't worry, I'll wait.

Well the biggest plus in why it doesnt cause cancer is we dont use lightly irradiated insecticide on it like that which is dusted onto tobacco crops for instance if tobacco was grown all organically with none of the bullshit they do to it or the processes they put it thru making cigarettes I bet it wouldnt be quite as harmfull on its own . When you consider they dry out the plants then they extract all of the resins from the plant then taking the leaves which are basically dust they turn them into a paper which is then re impregnated with the original essential oils and compunds to make the product homgenous . But personally I think the fact they use radioactive pesticide that makes it more cancer causing then it already is.

And the biggest kick in the head about tobacco it kills 450,000 people per year worldwide yet the Us govt gives subsidies to tobacco farmers who produce a product that is only bad for your health. Meanwhile they incarcerate cannabis farmers who produce a plant that can be used for food,clothing,building material,medicine, recreation, thousands of industrial uses from bio diesel fuel to dynamite to cellophane the only reason cannabis is illegal is because the threat it placed against so many other corporate intrests and at the time hemp farmers werent as rich and powerful all of the industries in which it threatend to outperform and more then likely replace ganged up on it before the hemp farmers had the clout to fight back.

Amd as far as it having anti cancer properties there are studies where they gave rats cancer then trated some with concentrated cannabis compounds and there was a significent amount of data that those receiving cannabis therapy tumours shrank ,appetite remained high and in general lived longer then those receiving nothing. But even if it isnt a cure for cancer there must be some reason that the american govt has a patent on it as neural protective and anti oxident in otherwords if it protects nerual functions it doesnt cause brain damage like it was claimed long ago and not really sure what an antioxidant is used for in medicine but the fact its patented as a nerual protective says it is a legit medication alone and then there are the millions of anecdotal evidence on its efficacy for so many other conditions.
OKay I was low but it goes to show they say pot is bad but on the other hand they give subsidies to farmers to produce what is the highest fatality by use recreational drug and give billions of dollars to mexico which has only aided in increasing the body count to 26000+ people so far in there fear over a plant, In my opinion the only reason for this is the money all of the other industries have to throw around to make sure they dont ever have to compete against the Bio Friendly product produced by cannabis especially in a day and age where green products are where its at but unless you are using cannabis as the base to any of those products they become far more expensive as the big companies maintain creating a product that will do no harm to the enviroment is costly, when we all know they can make cellophane or plastic wrap out of cannabis with virtually no polution lets see them do that with saran wrap,
hstisgod, cool beans man, and I hope your sobriety goes well. It takes a mature and intelligent person to analyse and admit they may have a subtance abuse problem, or that a subtance is becoming a detriment to their life. Probably the majority of pot smokers I have met smoke for enjoyment and have their lives completely in order. But I too once "abused" pot, in the sense that I was smoking to the point that it was having a negative effect on my life, as opposed to the positive effects I NOW get from it.
I think pot should be enjoyed and smoked as often as anyone likes, but ANY sunstance becomes abusive and a problem when it no longer heightens or enhances the users life. Weed for me is a complete benefit, but as I said, it wasn't always, and I had to do some serious contemplating before I found a happy medium.
So again, good luck, I hope you discover your happy medium where you can enjoy whatever substance makes your days more enjoyable, rather than cause you stress and causes problems ;-)
Oh, and I have HST's "Kingdom of Fear", as well as a PDF version of Fear and Loathing.....after reading the short story, while there were some things left out, I have even MORE respect for the movie, as it was very true to the book. And Depp did a phenominal job of portreying HST.

Wow, No matter how much i hate to admit it bud does slow me down a bit and makes me lazy. I'm not saying it has made me stupid, i've always been a bit slow, BUT it does damn well help with depression and my school work because it makes me more into what im doing, thus becoming more interesting. I've just come to find this website and damn i'm happy I did! YOUR buddy & BuDz+BuDdY...happy smokin everyone
This was very informative!

My cousin just recently got pregnant so the fact about prenatal smoking caught my attention. She told me she was quitting weed but didnt know if she could stop smoking cigarettes. I think the better idea would be for her to stop smoking cigs and buff on a bowl here or there.

You can question it all you want, but until you look up this stuff and do a little research, you are going to remain just as ignorant on the matter as you have been. As I said before, that was just ONE test. If you question it then look up the countless others. *sighs
cannabis, as most tokers on this site willl agree, is not totally safe
i'd say its pretty darn close. vaporisors can remove any risk from smoking (if there is any). i'm against kids smoking due to brain developement issues. i'm undecided about use during pregnancy. and there are some people who are just too stupid to smoke. i haven't seen any studies that shows Cannabis curing stupidity so it could possibly make stupid people more prone to act stupidly. i've nothing personal against stupid people, i know some very nice stupid people. just sayin'.
My father told me when I was a boy I would grow breast like a female if I smoked it and after that happened I would be arrested and raped in prison.
and there are some people who are just too stupid to smoke. i haven't seen any studies that shows Cannabis curing stupidity so it could possibly make stupid people more prone to act stupidly. i've nothing personal against stupid people, i know some very nice stupid people. just sayin'.
LMAO! This reminds me of Kat Williams. "Ain't nothin worse than a smart, dumb n*"
Okay first off marijuana does not damage a develiping mind but it does alter the way that mind works for instance in school I had a friend who was a c student in everything but upon entering high school and starting to smoke daily his grades took a major turn Science ,Art and shop classes basically all of his classes that relied on creativity or deductive reasoning he became a 98% student classes like history ,geography english which rely upon meorization remained the same except for creative writing in english in this he excelled so this says to me that cannabis increases the natural creative abilities of the user. My friend also due to marijuana went on to create a frozen treat called Yogun Fruz'
I started smoking weed when I was young. I have an engineering degree and most of what I need for a management degree. I am a damn good engineer, writer and photographer among other things. It did not hurt my mind development, but I was a strict parent and never just let my kids smoke it when they were in school.

Weed does effect memory, it lessens ambition and it makes one feel content when they should feel a little less content. All things at the right time and in moderation.

Still, it should be legal for a grown-up to decide when and if they smoke, not the justice department. It should also be legal for a person to eat cheeseburgers and drink a beer.

Being an adult means you know what moderation is and the consequences of when you do not use it. Heroin is illegal, but many folks still use it and with grave consequences. Alcohol is legal and many folks use it and with grave consequences.
We are walking a fine line now, and close to violating our posting guidelines. 420 Magazine does not approve of Cannabis use by minors unless recomended by a doctor. If we are to continue in this we need to keep things of a clinical nature.

Many of us have been cannabis users for years, so talking about smoking when we were younger seems natural. However, we've found that in many cases the discussion of underage smoking encourages minors to join our forum, and it sends a tacit message of approval to our readers.

Please understand that we work very hard to maintain the forum guidelines and we appreciate your understanding and support of our efforts.
Sorry about my post crossing any lines. Your point is valid User and I agree with your reason for editing it.

I have never condoned use by a minor. It is funny, but as a child I was not allowed to drink the soft drink Coke. I would make money mowing lawns and buy it though. I can still remember my mom and dad driving by as I was downing a big (glass) bottle of Coke... Their tires left rubber on the road from hitting the brakes so hard.
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