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Most unhealthy munchies


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What is the sickest, most artey-clogging thing you have ever eaten to satisfy your munchies???

This question came to me a few minutes ago, as I was eating Tootsie Rolls dipped in peanut butter... that alone had to shave some time off my lifespan:3:


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tortillas with either peanut butter or chocolate sauce

peanut butter and marshmallow spread sandwich

peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich

fruity pebbles in chocolate milk

man i eat some nasty stuff sometimes! yeesh!~


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Fruity pebbles in chocolate milk sound interesting.

I don't know how much is worse than a trip to McDonald's for an attack on the dollar menu. I went through a Ben & Jerrys phase for a little while. God that stuff is glorious stoned. It gets expensive after a while though.


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Some of the things I eat..

I scare myself..XD I throw together some wierd concoctions


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There's this absolutely incredible place down the street from me called Mr. Chicken. Their chicken fingers are without a doubt the best I've ever had in my life - you can actually tell they came from a chicken, for starters... They're extremely juicy, and the breading is (I think) a kind of beer batter, which makes for crunchiness, without any salt. Salty overbreading can absolutely destroy chicken fingers, and so far, these guys seem to be the only ones who get it quite right.

6 of those fingers, and some fresh-cut fries... well, I don't want to think about how many grams of fat or calories are involved, but god damn, that shit is GOOD.

Close second is gravy fries. If the gravy's good enough, it doesn't matter how bad the fries are.

I know those type of chicken fingers! They're like Long John Silvers' chicken planks, but not grossly salty??? The best is when you find someplace with Coconut Chicken Fingers that are like that.... gahhhhhh.... drooling right now


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There is a brewpub by my house that makes a 3/4 lb double bacon cheezburger between two grilled cheez sammitches, so good, but it does make your heart hurt.
Check this out, I am slightly lactose intolerant and I get hooked on Haagen-daz kicks where I can put away quite a bit, that is so painful!!!


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I don't know how many of yall have this but Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts. mmmm I can devour half a dozen in one sitting after a smoke session


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omg!!!! a steak from Steves Steaks is like the best EVERRRRRRR!!! its wonderful to be so high and go to this place and get a REAL cheesesteak just dripping with melty american cheese. with a huge coke. delicious! man i dont wanna kno what im gunna look like at 40.


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We had a Foster Freeze here that was dope, when it was ran by the old ladies the food was always super dank.

The bootleg/low brand cereal " Fruity Pebbles " - With the Dinosaur in the front, those are really good when ur high. Of course PB & J always hits the spot. I drink alot of water, hardly any juices.. but if it would be a drink it would deff be SOBE - DAQUIRI

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In the Northeast and Midwest, you guys have White Castle. Here, down South, we have Krystal. Take-Hom-A-Sak with cheese is a bag of 12 little cheeseburgers. Damn, they are good when you're high! Not too good for the arteries though!


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someone tell me what these gravy fries are?! im dying to knoW!!
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