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Need Help: I've experimented but I need another opinion now


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I'm having some trouble with these plants. I've tried a few things but I'm honestly stuck.

The problems:
Curled upper leaves.
Light green between veins (this started from the middle of the plant).
New growth is curled and the tips are light green.
There are some brown spots on some leaves.

There were growing fine for weeks then suddenly developed problems. The problems developed before I fertilized.

Temp: 27C (80F)
Humidity: 60%
Soil: Royalty Mix
Tap Water pH: 8.0

When the problems started, I measured the water pH and found it was high. The runoff was 7.3.

I flushed one with correct pH water, gave Canna Terra Flores nutes to 2 of them. The nutes seemed to help them a little but the problems have come back.

I got the run off down to 6.8 using water with pH at 5.0.

Yesterday I tested foliar feeding one with some epsom salts. No results yet.

Here are the pics:


Curled leaves.


Curled new growth with light green tips.


Some leaves have some brown spots


Yellow between veins


Yellow between veins


Yellow between veins


Yellow between veins


Tomato plants are also starting to have trouble. (different soil)

I hope someone can help.

JJ Bones

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5.0 is far to acidic for your feeding. Try going with a range of 5.8-6.3

Some soil growers prefer 6.0-6.5 as well, really just don't go below 5.8 and it should be much better.


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First picture is from heat stress. What wattage are you using and how close is the light from the plants?

Second picture is sulfur deficiency.

3rd picture is salt build up and that may be the cause of the curling in picture one.

The rest care calcium/magnesium deficiencies. If you dont have CaM+ I would invest in some. It really comes in handy when situations like this happen. Also using epsom salt will be good until you get CaMg+. It will show results in the new growth not the effected leaves. So always keep your eye on new growth.

Your tomato plants are also dry maybe going threw a salt build up. Maybe calcium also. I seen a youtube video on dryed tomato leaves before. I wish i couldve remembered what he used to fix them. I will try to find it for you and ill post it back here.


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Epsom salts... Teaspoon Gallon water. Foliar feed. Could this be possible guys???


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It's been nearly 2 weeks since the last photos. I'm still struggling with this problem. Yesterday it really went worse. The leaves suddenly went yellow fast.

I tried foliar feeding with epsom salts (I did it about 5 times). I been doing half strength nutes (canna terra flores) every 3 watering. I bought some calmag and I used that a couple of times about 5-6 days ago.

I've been watering @ 6.5pH. The run off has been around 6.9.

2 days ago I watered with half strength nutes. Yesterday I had to water again, I used the rest of nute solution (0.5L) each plus just some regular tap water (pH 7.9). The lower leaves have gone really yellow fast. I don't know if I shocked them with a bit of normal tap water that I didn't lower.

I have 2 lights, 250W + 400W. The temp is a bit high, around 29C (84F). Humidty is 60%.

I'm really stuck with understanding what the problem is. I thrown some money at them with nutes, epsom salts, calmag, ph tester. None of it has really helped. I really want to find out what I'm doing wrong.

Here are the pics:

P1010874 (1024x768).jpg

P1010876 (768x1024).jpg

P1010881 (768x1024).jpg

P1010883 (1024x924).jpg


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Wow PH 7.9????????? Dude way to high. Your PH should be between 6.0-6.5 no higher then 7.0. And your plants are starving for higher nitrogen. You said 0.5? Is that what you had left of the solution? But you may have caused a problem when you gave tap water. Did you let it sit for 24hrs before feeding it to your plants? excessive chlorine would really mess up your plants. There turning yellow to fast. I would flush that tap water out using store bought water and add nutes that high in nitrogen. PH that around 6.0 then feed. Oh and add 1tblsp of epsom salts to that.


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Thanks mate. I did your suggestions. It makes sense when someone else says it. Hopefully I'll follow it up in a few days with results.


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No problem


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Yeah, its annoying when you just cant seem to sort it out when you ve done most solutions..
But by the look of it your plant seems to be going to flower phase, and this is why the leaves are yellowing. The plant uses Nitrogen, Which turns leaves yellow.. Starting at older leaves around bottom and working up.
This will happen over the entire grow, but in flower N is used up and usually less N is fed and more P&K and trace elements..
Your plants maybe getting rootbound also? What size are your pots??
The PH as Wizzy said bro - IS WAYY HIGH!! Between 6.4-6.7 should be your aim.. As the plant should be able to absorb all its required nutrients at this PH. Mine was low @ 5.8/6.0 and my plant started showing few signs of Defic. and had trouble with nutrient absorbtion..
You can buy some Citric Acid from the supermarket, in the food additives area, this will really lower the PH of your tap water or whatever you re using. BUT BE CAREFUL - ITS VERY STRONG AND ONLY NEED A FEW SPRINKLES TO DROP IT A FEW POINTS!! So just add a dash and stir and leave sit for a few mins-then check PH..
So idk, but it maybe part of your plants cycle - theyre into flower so they will yellow, i wouldnt stress unless its all up the top of my plant.. GOODLUCK WITH EVERYTHING M8 HOPE ITS ALL OK!!! Smokemup..


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I've had troubles for months. I just used regular tap water this time because I was too lazy to adjust the pH that time. I guess I paid for that mistake.

They don't look any different this morning. I guess that's a good thing compared to the night before though.
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