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Need Info..Can LST be done all through the life of the plant?

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I have been LSTing the offspring off my taller and oldest plant. She was never trained just grew her naturally. The clones I took from her have been LST'ed and
are all about the same level for the tops. This is my first grow, and need this to work out because this is my lifeline, it helps me sleep and eat when I would rather not. Anyhow I just want to be sure that the training is ok to do throughout all stages of growth and flowering..I understand to be careful when the Trichomes are forming so they don't get smushed..I just like the idea of more bud per plant, more sites to produce...any help greatly appreciated, thanks Ont.
we start LST'ing right away with our clones, & they grow right on around the pot, and shoot up sprouts all over. So ya, Id say all throughout the life is good.. Once the buds start forming good, we dont tie anymore down.. Good luck, hope it helps...