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Need some help

Wild Heart

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I have a bb plant$ that is a week into 12/12 and looks fine for the most part but i pulled about four or five leafs from the bottom that are all fucked up. First pic is the bb plant, second and third are a couple of the leaves. Need some help please and thanks.



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I have had leaves like that before. I am not 100% sure what it is... I assume it is a fungus or mold. I ignored it the first time I got it and it became worse, not bad enough for me to even bother with it... by the end of flower it was on most of the big lower fan leaves - but - I never noticed any negative problems with iot such as moldy buds ect. It didn't seem to bother much.
The next time I noticed it on following grow, I cut off a few of the bad leaves and it never came back, have not ever noticed it again.
If it is a fungus or mold just cut off some of the bad leaves and don't worry about it, just try not to let it spread. :)


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Flush with a PH balaced nutee solution. When was ur last flush? More than likely its phosphorus (P) deficiency. When transitioning from veg to bloom plants require a transitional feeding regimen before feeding a regular bloom regimen. I've dealt with this many times. The longer u let it go the more fan leaves u will lose and eventually it will greatly diminish ur cola size. Foliar feeding is also an option. I havent't quite mastered overcoming this problem. In short crops it not really a prob for me. More so in mothers. I have a 6 month old mom I'm dealing with the same issue. A thourough flush getting run off under 500 PPMs definitely has made a big difference as far as slowong the progression down. The longer the problem persists the grfeater the risk of pest/disease attack. U may also want to lower ur PH a little to so the P in the media is readily available. Some strains use a lot of P (high) levels according to my grow bible (p. 250 Cervantes). Hope this helps some. :peace:

Wild Heart

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So I did a flush and some pruning. Got some bloom mutes with boron zinc and mag. It doesn't look like it's spreading but only time will tell
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