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need some quick advice on when to flush


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I have 3 girls just 49 days today 12\12, which they have been pre-flowering for several weeks before 12\12, they very much started flowering on the first week in, they are now over 50% red pistil, trichs are mostly milky and very cloudy, they were given AN Big Bud between 7 days to 35 days, then AN overdrive from days 35 till today, besides those addictive they have been given half strength sensi bloom A+B fist week, 3/4 strength week 2, then full strength till 42 days, then 3/4 strength again, also been given B52 for 2 weeks and rhino skin for 2 weeks then I ran out on them, bud candy on full strength all the way, all addictive are always at full strength, tiny brown tip on some leaves nothing to be worrying about.

I want to use GHE Ripen for 10 days then flush for 4 days to a week, I went through about 10 to 15 tops last night and found only 2 individual trichs are beginning to turn amber, rest are mostly milky, I see the beginning of bud swelling in the last couple of days, is this the right time now to use Ripen then flush?

I am aiming for mostly amber, so if 10 days to 2 weeks seems a bit long for some

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