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Need to know if I will pass a drug test...?


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Hi there! I am a very Infrequent smoker, the last time I smoked was probably March 7th, around there. I don't smoke often because my lungs are really damaged from pneumonia I had years back. I do however hang out with people who smoke regularly, but I don't touch the stuff.

Anyway, like I said, the last time I actually smoked was probably on March 7th, around that time. The last time I was around someone smoking weed, was about a week ago.
Between that time I have obviously exercised, drank lots of water, sweat my butt off at multiple concerts I've been too.
I'm 5'8 and weigh about 200 pounds.
I just took a drug test for a job that I desperately want, and I'm kinda nervous that I wont pass, even though I haven't smoked since then.
Will I pass?
Thank you to all those who post in advance!


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If by "infrequent" smoker you mean only once or twice a week, then I think that bodes well for you. It's been over two months since you actually smoked, so that also bodes well for you.

I don't think second hand smoke from your friends will have any effect on you, unless you all hang in an airtight room for hours and can barely see across the room due to the smoke. :yikes:

The only "small" concern that I can see is your weight. At your height, 200lbs is a bit heavy unless you are a major bodybuilder. In that case, you have no problem. However, if a lot of those pounds are due to fat weight, I believe fat cells hold the components of cannabis a lot longer than non fat cells. That "can" be a problem, sometimes even for more than two months for those who are heavy users.

Bottom line...I think you are probably okay. Not a sterling endorsement...but, the best I can offer.

Let us know how it turns out...


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Nope, infrequent as in I smoke probably once every 3 - 6 months...
I am a bit on the heavier side unfortunately since my asthma is very severe because my lungs are 30% scar tissue and make it damn near impossible to exercise correctly.
It's scary to think I won't pass but thank you!
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