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I am new here, and completely new to growing. I live in a suburb of Greensboro, NC, and I am doing an outdoor grow of Auto Lemon Haze. Since it is still illegal here my Doctors cant prescribe it for me, however they told me as soon as it's legal I am getting it; they know I smoke and are happy I do I went from 9 different meds to 3. I am a disabled Veteran, I was shot in the Leg in Iraq, I also have a TBI as well as really bad PTSD lol I am just a mess. I had some serious psych issues and it was getting really really bad I ended up in Jail. When I got out I smoked a joint to relax, I hadn't smoked since I was a kid; it changed my life. I can't afford the habit, and it really isn't worth it around here. Nobody knows what they have, it is all just called LOUD; and the prices are outrageous. I am giving it a shot outdoors while the weather permits, and I need all the advice I can get.
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