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my head hurts tonight.
but i wanted to stop in to let you all know im alright. (court an all)
but my head really hurts,
i want my face smashed in the dirt.
put it thru a wall,
cmon dont stall.
or mayb a kick to the back of my head,
then ill sleep like i am dead.
my meds not working,
the noise is lurking,
pot dont help,
every hit leaves a welt.
feeling dizzy then feeling fine,
got a hot flash like iv been drinking wine.
i want it to stop, just make it go away,
i wish my pain would not come out to play.
it lessens with my eyes closed, then grab both sides of my head,
then smuck myself in back, on the posts of my bed.
in a split second the pain is redirected,
then to sleep i fall like its been injected.
hurry child go to sleep,
so i may myself go deep,
into slumber
where i can encumber
the peace of mind
iv been waiting to find


Wow, your head must really hurt. Take some migrane meds dude.
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