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Noco - Canna Coco - Unknown Strain - SCROG - 2014

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Whats up :420:

So I'm back with a new grow. I was away due to not having anything else to grow out. I decided to plant 4 seeds from a bag that I smoked earlier in the year. I understand this is risky, and can actually be a waste of time. I do not know if these seeds will be females and no idea about its genetics. But this is what gets me excited, to grow something just for fun!!!

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What strain is it? Unknown
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? ?
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor (6'x6'x8' Tent)
Soil or Hydro? Soil Canna Coco
If soil... What size pot? 5 Gallon
Size of light? 600 watt HPS
Is it aircooled? Air-cooled hood
Temp of Room/cab? Between 74'F and 82'F
RH of Room/cab? Between 55% lights on to 32% lights off
PH of media or res? 5.5-6.5
Any Pests ? No Pests
How often are you watering? Every 3 days
Type and strength of ferts used? Canna Coco A&B, Rhizotonic, Cannazym, CannaBoost, PK13/14 (Recommended Strength)

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Here are pics of each unknown.

The Unknown #1 was laying on its side when i turned lights on! I'm not talking about just her leafs. I had the fan on too high last night and the air was blowing way too hard on the plants. I propped her back up, pressed soil down firmly around her, was able to hold her self up after that. Leafs look droopy, hoping it will comeback to full recovery.
Unknown #3 has grown weird, ever since it popped from seed. It has like a twirl in its lower stock? I will use it for experiments. I'm thinking of cutting it right above the twirl and then re-rooting it.

Temps and Humidity:


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Nice... risky going from bagseed, that's what's holding me back I have some bagseed of the dankest Bleu Cheese I've ever had and some amazing Cherry Puff but I'm afraid to drop them and waste my time... butttt my Phantom Cookies was a bagseed (ended up loaded with seeds lol) and my Kosher Kush is bagseed really hoping it doesn't hermie


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I dropped 2 Bubba Kush bag seed & I'm sure glad I did ! ! !
one is the huge leafed red stem color pheno , my collective guy said when he seen the twins it was the best BK to have .
red/purple fan leaf stems & red purple stripes to the main stem .
As long as your smoking top shelf buds BUT You do have to keep a close eye on things .

I found a Romulain seed today in my special headache relief jar :)

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The Unknown got fed last night!
10ml Coco A&B
10ml Rhizotonic
10ml Cannazym
5ml Cal-Mag

-Per gallon (1/2 Gal per plant) *3 plants*
-PH 6.0
-PPM 950 *Please keep in mind that i round to the nearest tenth*
PPM seems to be lower than last feeding, even though I added 2ml more per gal of Rhizotonic?
I'm thinking it is due to less amount of water therefore less nutrients? (my guess)

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I am running Canna COCO with COCO nutrient line using their grow schedule, is a Cal-Mag additive necessary?

Also per the grow schedule the whole cycle is based on a maximum of 12 weeks, if needed can I just extend stages by a week or so?

I would appreciate the feedback? Every answer will be valued and built on. *please keep in mind my reason for growing is to find the best of the best, as well as try diffrent methods and products to achieve maximum potency, stickiness, yield, and smell* The only way i can achieve this is with your help. so please feel free to add as much as necessary, if your reading you either have an opinion, suggestion, fact or something to add, please do!!


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So lights came on today and i notice a little fly flying around. moved soil around found this little creature that moved fast. found what look like Larvae, I also found some hard white glass looking things, these were hard to break and see through.
I'm thinking they are fungus Gnats?

Anyone know if these hard glass looking things are fungus eggs?
I don't know enough about pests unfortunately, but I can post so this gets bumped and hopefully somebody that can help wanders in, I have been seeing more and more pest solutions that you topdress into the soil lately, maybe check the local hydro store and see what they can do for you, that's always my go to when I don't get a reply here.
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