Noob's First Flower - Middle Fan Leaves Dying Off


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Hello! :Namaste:

So this is my first grow and I am currently at the end of week 2 in flower. This process has had its moments, from starting way too late in my climate[Northern Ohio] to my cat gnawing off my babies' first pair of true leaves, which he essentially gave the plant its first topping haha.

I would have like to had vegged for another few weeks, but since my flower room is in my garage, I had to throw it in flower mode as quickly as possible.

Background is...

Breed: S.A.D.D. from So. Oregon Seed Bank

Started in FFOF soil and am still using it to this day. I haven't given any add't nutes at all.

Veg'd under 4- T12's 6500k...didn't have anything better at the time, but it actually worked pretty well.

I hung a 150w HPS in my garage for flower. Since it's only one plant, I figured that will get me by.

Problem: Over the past week, the huge fan leaves in the middle of the plant are basically dying. The ends of them are all dried up as if I took a lighter to them, and they feel like sand paper, not like leaves. The weird part is that it is ONLY the huge ones in the middle, none on the bottom are like that, nor the top. The ones that are dying are probably a good 12"-15" away from the HPS so it can't be too hot. The top cola is probably 4-6" away from the light and it looks great and so does its leaves. Some of the very bottom leaves on the plant are slowing falling off, but I kind of expected that because of how far they are away from the light, plus I probably should have chopped those off pre-flower anyhow.

I've google'd around and one guy from the UK seems to have had the same problem, but of course the thread just dies without any resolution.

So, I know it's difficult to assume what the deal is without being here to see conditions and such, but any educated guesses?

Thanks in advance!!


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