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Online Smoke Shop specialized on Water Bongs and Glass Pipes of own production.

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We continue the long tradition of glass processing in our region and produce glass pipes using time-proven procedures. Experienced glassblowers produce for You a unique, beautiful and valuable water bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, one-hitters and other glass smoking products in many varieties and sizes. As we are the producers as well as the distributors of our pipes, there is no additional cost and our prices remain very reasonable.

Shopping in our online smoke shop is easy, comfortable, safe and discreet. You only need your internet device (like PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, xbox, etc). Then you can just browse through smoke shop website, pick the you like, click on "add to cart" button and follow the instructions to finish your order. Our smoke shop is used daily by thousands of customers and we ship glass pipes and bongs mainly to USA. Online credit card payments accepted, support all main credit/debit cards - VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, AMEX.

We care about or customers, orders are dispatched every day working day, You will also get a free gift and if you spend more than 100 USD with us your package will be delivered for free! There is also a working phone and online chat for better communication with You. We have also delivery damage policy, if Your item will be damaged during delivery, just send us a photo and we will dispatch a new piece as soon as possible.

Shipping is discreet, there is no state for content or any other sign of content. Back adress is common with no company name stated. Bank statement is also very discreet, it is randomly generated string. If you want to keep your purchase in secret, it can be easily done.
Photos of our products you see here are photographed so that most match the real appearance in normal daylight. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not trying to fool our customers.

Main features of products in our Smoke Shop
- Used material - Pyrex (Simax) is extremely hard and absolutely health-safe.
- Beautiful color changing effect - silver or gold fumed glass
- Perfect usability, original designs, long durability
- Carb holes or glass on glass easy removable sliders makes our water bongs really the best devices for smoking.
- Only fine double glass sliders - slider surfaces are more heat resistant and remains cool.
- Big variability of water bongs - ice catchers, different sizes, shapes, wall thickness, colors, decorations...
- Every single piece is original, there will be little differences on each and one of them.
- We can modify your product on demand - adding/removing carb hole or makeing glass on glass slider, changing size, custom sign etc...

In many cases it's just a question of money and desire to have something that You can smoke from. But we sincerely hope that there among you are also people who care about beautiful things, who can appreciate the hard work of glassmakers and the quality and uniqueness of their products. Not everyone are going after buying the first cheap bong, in the best, cheaper than his/hers socks :). Therefore we offer premium quality bongs. In every piece left his maker a piece of his honest skills. It is a fair trade, we give You a pice of our art crafts with a piece of our soul in the shape of this mini bongs. Hoping that You, free-minded people, could use them for enjoy Your life in the way You like.

Color changing effect of silver or gold fumed glass.
All our water bongs and some of the pipes and the bubblers are decorated using a silver or gold fumed glass. Small amount of the raw material (silver or gold) is dabbed on the glass surface. This process creates special and inimitable color changing effect. The color of the glass can change according to the light conditions, e.g. against the dark background the color turns blue and against the light background the color turns yellow. Also the usage changes the colors and the general look of of a pipe or a bong. The insides of the glass get dirty with usage and that creates different reflecting effects - Your piece gets a beautiful unique look.

Our selection of water bongs is large, we have all from popular cheap mini bongs sized 6.3″ - 10.6″ to large gorgeous master artpieces water bongs in sizes to 16.5″. Customized water bongs labeled according to your wishes are the perfect gifts.

Glass pipes, bubblers, one hitters are also presented in many various designs, sizes and colors. All this items share the quality, they are all handmade and decorated, they are all really valuable and made from health-safe materials.
We wish you a pleasant shopping experience and many beautiful moments with Your glass smoking device. Enjoy!


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Have you considered playing with a Mist Maker? I have and i can tell you the multi-colour LEDs are fascinating inside my water toy! The filtering action is worth investigating too but it seems fog generated with one of those little pucks will trap dust through gravity (tiny particulates accumulate water droplets and fall)... My precious cannabis vapor doesn't need to be washed by liquid water anymore!

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