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I would like to tell you that I'm an addict for Opioid's. Two years ago I started smoking weed and I found my way around instead of pills I use cannabis. I stopped taking the pills. My life changed, I'm now free from Opioid's. My husband and I get along together. We've have been married for 39 years this year.
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Welcome to 420 Magazine, Twinkles2018. Thank you for sharing your success story with us. Pill-form opioids are even worse than the other kind, IMHO - they're often not seen as a problem, then when someone finally realizes, it's looked at as "just a thing" for a while, meaning that the hook is well and truly set by the time people realize that, yes, this is a major issue. Plus, the fillers in the things can kill you.

Congratulations on making the transition.


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I am currently helping my friend who is addicted to norco with tincture and edibles, it really does work. It requires discipline of timing the dosing, and monitoring but it works. He has been addicted for over ten years, always running out of meds before time to renew scripts, in pain, and suffering. We've been working on this for 6 weeks, and this is the first month he will not run out/consumed 25% less, with amazing/very noticeable progress. Great news Tammy !


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I think a gradual tapering off is better - and safer, and more likely to become a success story - than cold turkey, even with cannabis as a crutch.

I've seen cold turkey with opioid pills and... other things, and it's not pretty. Can also be dangerous, even life-threatening, depending on circumstances.


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The problem with pills, as is the case with my friend, you mentioned this. He did not know he was addicted till it was too late, with over a decade into this dependency, the only way is tapering down in my opinion. The first two weeks he thought he had it licked, only to realize with my helping that this process is a marathon and not a sprint. He has never smoked/used alcohol much and he is 63. My work is cut out for me.It was inspiring to read this.


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Congats getting off pills! I struggle & have had a journey tapering down, using cannabis, Kratom and recently had to just give in to Subutex. I can't find enough relief from my pain w/o some for of opiod agonist & Kratom porbably may have made the pain "tolerable" to a point.

I can not however function from the depression I experience w/o some form of opiod agonist. So I tried subutex and though expensive as hell it does not have the actual high I get from Oxy & any other legal pain med you can think of. Been there done tons got a drawer of the shirts.

I am not giving up on even reducing the Subutex, I am getting better I think with my pain December will be 3 yrs after bi-lateral knee replacements. If I have full on pain pills I do not feel really any pain, subutex does not totally kill the pain so I can tell if I am pushing too much.

I am experimenting with cannabis to see how or if I can ever get to a place that it's effective enough & I do not feel too high. Odd thing about pain meds, I have great focus typically. Same can be true with MMJ but more a roll of the dice. Since I grow my own it takes so long to experiment with strains growing techniques and more importantly curing & how important that process is. Well anyway again great work I hope to get there some day but for today at least I seem to be able to have a relatively stable decent mood.

I am even fighting the sub doctor trying to stay low on it, as much as I distrust big pharma and western medicine for most things I think at my second visit he drove home a point which is Dopamine depletion. The subs don't really get me a buzz like pain pills but certainly more energy and motivation. They do certainly provide that dopamine boost, I really don't think most docs are schooled or open enough to know or care about patient experience they just do what the drug companies recommend to huge extent.

But this guy put me on 16 mg day immediately and said twice a day, this is I think about what 50% docs do when someone comes in with a "habit" I was using kratom only that kinda blows his mind cuz he doesn't know anyone ever using it! But I research the hell out of all meds physical rehab yoga cannabis whatever will help me heal. But anyway I think he has a point while many begin on 16 mg I think it tops out at 32 mg meaning you feel no more affects after the ceiling is hit. Supposedly it's not as common for users patients don't typically get the same tolerance either.

So I am going to try I upped to 24 mg and feel so much better, what sucks is coming off this stuff apparently tougher than pills or heroin. If it sucks I will deal with it, but if it will motivate me more I think all risks are worth it. I was more functional on pain meds for decades than since I began my weaning down. The pain was too much so I had the surgery recovery has been hell. If I get through and my theory that I can heal myself more - reduce pain in knees w/o more surgery you all will know here. If it bombs you also will know here.

Well if you search my posts you will see this probably one of my shorter ones! So depending on what vibe you get maybe good for bedtime stories, or you may connect to the struggle and experiences. Everyone has been so supportive and tolerant of my long winded posts. Really good ppl and we all share a passion for the plant for as many reasons as there may be members.

So wishing you a warm welcome and great success on your grows! BTW there is a sub forum specifically for opiods and switching to MMJ. And sorry if a bit disjointed my edible is kicking in pretty hard about know sweet sleep soon!
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