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Please help my girl!


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I planted a few seeds out of a half oz. a while back. It was going pretty well until about two weeks ago when she started to show signs of wilting. I just wanted to know if you guys to could me out. The newest leaves are coming out with fewer blades so I'm pretty sure she's getting ready to flower. Again, I got the seed from a stranger.. So it could just be bad genetics. I planted her on the first of October. Thanks ;)


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Sorry for the wait..

I have all the right lights (5-100 watt grow bulbs and one 100 watt CFL).

Could it be that there's not enough carbon dioxide in the room?

I also have an air purifier right beside it as well if it matters. I've only been giving them water lately, but I was giving them 10-15-10 solution but I had forgotten that the soil I have has time-release nutrients. I figured this was overfeeding it so I flushed the soil. That was a few weeks ago so I'm not sure if it matters now.


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#1 create a photo gallery here and do not link photos from outside this site. #2 looks like a multitude of potential problems to me. Early signs of nute burn and possibly PH issues. What is your PH? Time release nutes in the soil will be a continuous nightmare your entire grow.
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