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Possible nute lockout - Please Help Me!


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I have a couple bubba kush plants in my dwc in veg and it looks like my growth has halted.
The pants have been like this for about a week or two. I did a flush and rinse Bout 4 days ago and nothing has changed. The leaves on the plants are green and Curling down. The Roots system looks totally fine.

DWC- 5 gallon buckets
Nutes -GH flora
Temp - 70-72 deg , rh 52%
Light - T5. 18/6 hr
Ppm- 600
Ph - 5.8- 6.0

Here are some pics


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I start the ph at 5.7-.5.8 and by th end of the week it's up around 6.4!
The water temp in the bucket is 20c -21c.

Any tips on keeping the ph more balanced?
Any suggestions on fixing the issue?


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try lowering your humidity or raising your lights an inch or two, if the various temps & ph are what you say I can't really think what else to try. The ph range seems fine by in large, perhaps adjust a day or two earlier to keep it no higher than 6 and a quarter. But honestly, it looks like a tad heat stress to me, although given what you said I don't know why that would be
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