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Potent Canna-Sugar Pills


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Objective - Create a potent portable dosing capsule.

I've been playing around with making Canna-Pills. As a background, I mostly produce Alcohol Tincture and am trying to find a way to dose while traveling in a stealth way. I also wanted a concentrated dose in a "0" or "1" gelatin capsule.

I finally produced a Potent Sugar Pill that really works well and thought I would give back to all my 420Magazine fans by sharing.

Inputs - suggestions are always welcome.

  • Hey, I enjoyed reading your post. I'm old school and simply roast my flower @ 230 F. for 90 mins. turning once about half way. I then grind to a powder in an electric coffee bean grinder. 1/4 teaspoon is about 15 mg and caps up nicely. Takes over an hour to feel the effects, so use caution and dont double dose cause you dont think its workin or you'll learn why they call it "Amnesia Haze"!
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