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Preflower? Need another eye

J Obadiah

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I found what seems like little pre-flowers on my Purple Princess. I attached pics from different angles usimg a magnifying glass in front of my phone so I hope their clear enough. I think that, if they're indeed pre-flowers, the plant may be Male. :eek::nervous-guy:

This plant is one of my most healthy and vigorous, so yes it would be a heartbreaker to find out its a male. But! There is little to fret, because I've got 5 White Widow's, a Gelato, Blue Cookies, Bubba Kush, Strawberry Creme, and a Purple Punch, along with a Kosher and one Unknown strain I like to call a Unicorn, all on their way up and growing at different stages.

Heres the Princess (hopefully not "Purple Prince") lol:


It might look like I left a big piece of that stem on top, but I didnt. It's the magnification at like 8x


Little hard to discern, sorry about that.

(Above) Ooooohhhhhh boy.....#idontlikeitonebit


(Above) a good image angle so you can really see my issue here.


The preflower on the right is very concerning. I can almost already say what it is, I just don't want to.

That little nodule on the right side of this node is very concerning. It has a small tube that connects it to the plant itself, allowing it to have that classic hanging pollen-sac look of which I'm afraid.

Very unfortunate if it indeed turns out to be a Male. But, the good news would be that I can live and learn, and that theres plenty more from whence this one came. And I will be utilising it even if its male because it will allow me a chance to experiment with breeding and grafting.

Any advice?


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lookin very much male,, not such a good thing these days,, karma sent friend

J Obadiah

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Yeah, I figured....::sigh:: well, I may keep him around to grab some pollen as he is a good plant. It has some great characteristics. I had another male a few years ago that grew up in my front yard completely by accident. It got ENORMOUS, like 8 feet tall straight up. I literally just kept ignoring it because I was growing veggies like carrots and eggplant right by it, so I would water those but let that plant go. Well it got so huge I pretty much had to cut him down, every amateur in my neighborhood was like, "Oh bro its beautiful, its gonna be great!" Lolol. I ended up cuttingit down, and its taproot had gone down about a foot, then crossed under my yard, like 13 feet, all through my tomatoes, peppers, corn, carrots, cilantro, garlic, chives, and part of the potato plant to get to a sprinkler head that I had capped off the year before. It still leaked water when I ran the system. I guess it goes without saying, in a very scientific way, that it was FRICKIN COOL. Lolol just thought I'd share that with you.
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