Preparing for Drug Screens, UA and Hair


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Hi all. I'm really happy to have found this forum. I am preparing for two potential dream job interviews. I am 48 yr old female, a bit overweight, but height weight proportionate. I'm top heavy. I have color treated, long, naturally curly hair. I am a chronic user and have enjoyed very high end, medical MJ for years, including but not limited to edibles and dabs. Years!!! Not bragging, just fact. It's my relaxation and I'm a homebody, and I enjoy it. I quit 1 week ago today. I bought single testing UA THC home tests from Amazon to check myself. Took the first test today, and tested positive. :icon_roll:icon_roll. I def need to up my H2o intake and starting Niacin today too. I already take a multi vitamin. So we shall see. I regulary drink a Chinese herb tea for detoxing. It is for bloating and really cleans me out, but apparently, not like I need NOW. :(

Tomorrow I will start the hair manipulation. I have charcoal shampoo, I'm bleaching, redying, 2% acid acne cleanser, baking soda and tide method. A complete recipe posted by a female on this forum with long curly hair like mine. Needless to say I'm scared to death. I'll post tomorrow my exact procedure and time limits. So anyone can see my end results. I believe with the research I have learned if I penetrate the cuticle of the hair to the cortext, that will aide in the levels. I have seen and read dozens of products out there that are very expensive and none of them are 100% from what I have read. I'm going to do everything I can and try all methods that have been posted with passing results.

I am going to keep a mini journal of my journey, so people who are combing the net for info, like myself, may help with seeing my journey and what works and what doesn't. I have no idea when these tests are going to occur, but I think I have a good 10-20 more days. Hopefully. Fingerscrossed. I'm abstaining and doing a lot of meditation to ease my anxiety. I'll take all the good vibes you can send. More tmrw. My back up for the UA is my sister's urine. She is not a user of anything. but I'd like to test clean myself. In any event, I'll keep this up as I proceed to interviews and testing. Please share any of ideas, potions, etc that may help. Positive feed back only, please.

Thanks :Namaste:
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