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Pruning while in flower

big budda

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Hey guys just wanted to no can you prune some of the fan leaves off during flower.
Im about 3 weeks in and space is getting tight.
Will it set my plants back if i do cut the fan leaves or should i just let nature take its course.
I no that they are all potential bud sites but the bottom half of my plants are not getting enough light.
So should i prune or just add more lights.

Thanks in advance.


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I've been studying this over the last couple of weeks. You have a consensus of growers who trim aggressively and those like BA who don't but tuck healthy leaves under to allow more light to get to areas of the plant that have been shaded.

My take is similar to BA's. Take the unhealthy leaves off and tuck the healthy leaves under. What I'll do on this grow is to trim off all of the fan leaves just before going with 24 hours of total darkness prior to harvest.

Natural yellowing of leaves in flower in my opinion does not constitute an unhealthy leaf. Only browning, wilting and half dead leaves, in my very humble opinion, are removed.

This will make my trimming easier when I chop.

As the effects of trimming in flower seem to vary from grower to grower, I'd rather not take a chance with my girls by over trimming during the most important phase of the grow.

If you're having trouble with PM however, you'll want to trim the bottom 1/3 to create additional airflow to ensure that your girls stay healthy.

That's my take..



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I like to watch leaves fall and tricombs ripen.:48: I chop bottom branches, I let most fans stay but if its right on a bud it can go or just part of it can be cut.
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