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Question about new strain of mostly sativa


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I have a question about this new strain called "Light of Jah" as described below. When the description says height of 1 meter, are they talking about the total plant height, or super, unbelievable monster colas?
I'm going to try an outdoor grow in a secure location and want a mostly sativa strain. This one looks very good. Has anyone had any experience with this strain?

New! Light of Jah Marijuana seeds Price 90.00 Euro

Quantity : 10 + 10 FREE
Type : Mostly sativa
Climate : Indoor/outdoor
Yield : up to 26.5 ounces / 750 grams m2
Height : up to 39.5 inches / 100 cm
Flowering period : 10 to 13 weeks
Harvest : end of September
Stoned or High : Unbelievable high
THC level : strong 15% - 20%
Grow difficulty: Moderate

Light of Jah is undoubtedly one of the best types of marihuana in the cannabis world today. Named in honor of world famous global hemp activist and author of the most informative book on hemp and cannabis, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". Many years of extensive breeding and special selection gave way to this multiple Haze hybrid. Light of Jah will deliver good yields of heavy clustered, medium density buds glistening with juicy, resin coated Haze bracts that have a fresh and peppery, pungent Haze smell mixed with a hint of fruity skunk. Jack Herer has an award-winning flavor of strong peppered Haze spiced with a delicious dash of fruity acridness and the effects have a quick onset with a strong uplifting cerebral high and a giggly edge.

Thank you in advance for all your responses :)

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I don't know anything about the Light of Jah, but it sounds like a wonderful high and a great yield. When you start your grow, please make a journal; I'd love to watch the progress!


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I would be happy to post a grow journal here to contribute to such a great site. I am somewhat of a newby at this and already have received loads of helpful advice.


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Now I am new at this, but it seems to me that a 1m height seems short for a sativa...doesn't it? I've seen 20 ft sativas in my neighbors yard.


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I wonder why the seeds are for "light of jah", but the description refers to the "jack herer" strain.


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Hi DaMagoMan, by below average, do you mean the height is below average, or that you have direct experience with the strain and did not like it?
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Sounds like a very Sativa dom. strain with Haze heavy genetics to me. Haze strains are notorious for exceedingly long flowering times. I wouldn't consider the difficulty growing these strains as Moderate, I would lean more towards Hard. The longer flowering times will require close monitoring of the trichomes to identify the time of peak potency. Sounds like a decent strain to me although I've never heard of it. Probably not for beginners though. :peace:


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Hi DaMagoMan, by below average, do you mean the , or that you have direct experience with the strain and did not like it?
Oh no, I love all :3:
specialy freee genes
It will be below the average Full height of a 100% Sativa.
Due to the Indica lineage, it'll be shorter than a full blooded Sativa.
that's all, nothin' against anythang :3:

I grow a 100% sativa
and like to use them in my breeding
to increase drought and heat resistance.
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