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Sea tea - The must have foliar tonic


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Re: Sea tea. The must have foliar tonic.

i'm fairly positive that root stimulators and "rhizotonic" type additives have the same things in them as the kelp extracts but they usually have a higher concentration of the stuff that is root/rhizome friendly and perhaps extra catalytic trace minerals to be more focusedon root needs not sure if extra $$$ additives are really worth the cost good cold processed kelp extract is

oh by the way if theres an oriental market anywhere near you you can get "nori" kelp roll/wrapper for sushi etc and chop it up to put in your teas or mix in to your dirt mix


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Re: Sea tea. The must have foliar tonic.

I apply the sea tea from the get go, every 5 days. I use half strength dilution to foliar, and the sea tea also goes in with the flowering ferts once a week. From week 3 or 4 depending on the stage of flowering, I increase that to full strength, and continue that to within 5 days of harvest.

I know this was posted a while ago, but I thought it was worth mentioning that you shouldn't foliar feed with the Sea Tea once your buds have started developing. I made the mistake of waiting too long to stop, and after I dried and cured my batch, the bud wouldn't burn right. The smoke was harsh and I'm pretty sure the aroma was affected too. The high was great though. I still use the stuff, but I avoid foliar feeding all together.


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Re: Sea tea. The must have foliar tonic.

Zolar, I got this stuff called Growmore Sea weed extract, liquified organic kelp, cold water processed. 0.10-0.10-1.5, when should i start them on that? and about how much? yeah and i do believe you are right, that rhizotonic stuff aint worth the money. thank for your input


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Re: Sea tea. The must have foliar tonic.

Plants love surf and turf! The tea you can make from worm castings is as good as sea tea, but a lot more variable. Vermi-tea has nutrients, unlike the sea tea, so you have to be more careful with application.

Hello Amigo, what is your receipe for the EWC tea ?
Is it true the shelf life is 5 hours ?
Do you use a airpump to cook ?
Is it true very good for foliar ?
Use only during Veg ?
Is true you cant overfeed/spray ?

Have a good 1, Bulldog
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