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Seeds aren't opening?


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Someone gave me 13 seeds a couple days ago, and after checking here, I put them in a cup of room temperature water to soak and germinate.

After about 6 hours, I pushed on some of the seeds and 11 sank to the bottom. The next day, one more did. One still floats.

But after 48 hours of soaking in water, NONE have even begun to crack open, much less start growing a root. Water temperature has been between 72 and 93 degrees during that time. 90% of the time it was between 72 and 80.

I wouldn't be surprised if the seeds are no good, the guy that gave them to me is an idiot and knows nothing about growing, but I hoped at least a few would do something, so I'd have a few plants to learn on.

Is 48 hours long enough?


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I agree Screw. For planting, soakin is OK, but for germinating, IMO not a good method. Simple & sure method for germination-Place a paper towel on a plate, place the seeds on the p towel then cover with a double layer of more p towels. Water until the whole deal is saturated then leave in a drawer, cupboard or other dark place, making sure not to let it dry out! (saturate as needed until sprouts appear) If your seeds are good, 3,4,to 5 days they should crack. Maybe a tad longer. Old school, cheap n cheerful....peace n good luck MF


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I have read about soaking in water for 24 hrs. then putting between paper towels, supposed to make them sprout quicker. You could maybe plant half and put the rest between paper towels.
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