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"Senior" inexperienced Grower need ventilation setup (and any other) advice


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Hi everybody.

Doing a stealth grow in a rural area.

I am age 60. My wife ((age 65) has severe anxiety and insomnia issues.

I could use some advice on how to set up my ventilation.

Here is the setup I have and just beginning to set it up:

Gorilla Grow 2' x 2.5' x 7' Tent

EcoGrower Max - Complete Hydroponic System - 17 Gallon Reservoir - Includes Growing Chamber Lid Inserts Cups Spider Pumping Column Air Pump

VenTech IF4CF412 4" Inline Duct Fan 190 CFM w/ Virgin Charcoal Carbon Filter Combo

Dundas Jafine BTD48TC ProFlex Clothes Dryer Transition Duct UL 2158A Listed & Marked With 2 Tension Clamps, 4-Inch by 8-Foot

Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Telephone and Coaxial Protection

Etekcity® 0.05 pH High Accuracy Pocket Size pH Meter with ATC(Automatic Temperature

Clonex CLO100 Rooting Compound Gel, 100ML

100 Count- Jiffy 30 MM Peat Soil Pellets Seeds

Humboldt Nutrients HG405 Ginormous Germination

KLTECH Portable Digital LCD PH Meter Tester Monitor Auto Pen Test Water Soil Pool Hydroponic Type

HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 3% Readout Accuracy

Hydrofarm HGFLT Floating Thermometer

Grodan 1.5" Macro Plugs - Pack of 50 Rockwool Stonewool Plugs for Seed Starting, Plant Propagation & Cloning Cuttings

Hydrofarm MTPRTC Digital Thermostat For Heat Mats

Hydrofarm JSV2 2-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System

General Hydroponics Flora Series QT - FloraGro, FloraBloom, and FloraMicro, 32 oz each

Hydrofarm CK64050 Germination Station with Heat Mat

Hydrofarm TM01715D 7-Day Digital Program Timer

General Hydroponics GH1514 Ph Control Kit

Ambient Weather WS-07 Big Digit 8-Channel Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing


Holmes HACP10B-U Oscillating Clip Fan


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Re: Intro: "Senior" inexperienced Grower: need ventilation setup (and any other) advi

Hi cheeya and welcome to :420: :welcome:

Looks like a pretty complete setup you have going there. What exactly did you need to know about ventilation?

FYI Grow Room and FAQs are both great places to post grow related questions and you may find someone else has already asked/answered them.



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Re: Intro: "Senior" inexperienced Grower: need ventilation setup (and any other) advi

All I can tell you about ventilation is that I'm not in a stealth situation but do have hepa filter, carbon scrubber, etc and you can still smell it when you walk into my house which is OK by me but probably not for someone in your situation. That being said, I don't know what you need to do to mask the smell for stealth but it's probably going to entail quite a bit of effort. Hopefully some other stealth folks can provide input. I have heard of people using the little can air fresheners from WM and ONA Gel (Careful not to use anywhere in or near grow room or grow room intake!!!!!) but don't have personal experience with them other than to say the little cans work great for my car :) :peace:


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Re: Intro: "Senior" inexperienced Grower: need ventilation setup (and any other) advi

I just need to know how to set up the ventilation system... where and how exactly do I put the fan (inside or outside), the ducting and the charcoal filter? Do I pressurize? I will check out the grow room and FAQ areas Many thanks!
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