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Simple is best


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I've cooked with cannabis for years, my favorite way of taking it. I've made butter many times and it works well, also cooking oil and alcohol. But I have found the simplest and best way to cook with it is to grind it into dust in a coffee grinder, then mix into the dry ingredients of any baked goods you want to make. End result is as good as if it were made with well made butter in both taste and effect but takes seconds to make rather then hours.
It doesn't matter if you are making something from scratch or from a packet, just mix the ground dust into the dry ingredients then continue as per the recipe.

Julie Gardener

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I like that idea. Very simple is good. To make it so fine like flour or sugar and mix it in to your ingedients. Could even use a grinding bowl if the coffee grinder doesn't get it fine enough. :1:
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