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Have seen a post somewhere else about african strains which is great to document and see african strains for ourselves, in the flesh. So how about a post like that here. I will start, give me a mo, going to skin a zol, add some pics and will update, lets see those local honeys. Anything african can fit here, so if you have a picture, please share it with us, and the details. Peace.
Ok a little african bud porn, :


Malawi plant and buds



Malawi Cobs




Durban Poison



Durban Sticks





Match Box

Nigerian 99



Swazi 99




A hippies haven:






Zuma, thank you.

Lowridersa,I got a woodie looking at those pics,You def got some wicked bud happening there man.Send some seeds to Durban and let me get some of that happening in my garden dude.

Local is def lekker.
peace out
Once Lowridersa!
Some lekker stuff you have there. May this coming harvest be epic for all on our continent!
ride on bra.
hey guys, thanks for the comments. Just to let you know. The pictures I add are anonymous, some growers who do not have access to camera's and internet, some who are to lazy, and most of these pics are at least 5 yrs old. The lineup currently in my garden is:
Cheesebury Haze
Swazi F2

All of these are outdoors and going to make some killer smoke for the future. But yeah please add your local african shots, great to share what we are producing here in Africa.
Oh I got to be honest, the nigerian 99 is one of mine, it was the start of my loving journey to understand this plant. It was a smoke second to none with a sweet princess tastes.
Great stuff lowridersa!

Please post some pics of those plants you have in your garden, the haze, cheese etc.I would love to see it!

Im down in Capetown and would love to get my hands on a cheese strain to plant myself.Let us know how it grows outdoors.

Great forum!Keep it up!

The classic 'Bankie'...aaahh brings back very fond memories.I can't remember the last time I saw one of those big bankies!about 5 yrs ago...

Fully loaded it would set you back R50 only!Those were the days...good times
Sweet pics bru !!! ... Im up in Jozi and got a couple month old SWAZI which has just started its flowering stage....Now I almost chucked coz at first glance it looked male but since yesterday the top bud has started sprouting white hairs and looks very much like a female...Ive seen pics of hermaphrodites but the male parts are always at the top..Mine are on the bottom ??? ....any help please as i wanna smoke this first grow of mine.

thank u fine !! \m/
Nice pics bru !! dam !!

tell me something ...what are the best nutrients to use in this place in Jozi and new at this ...need some help please!!!

Fully loaded it would set you back R50 only!Those were the days...good times
Those were the days, I made it a mission to get a picture of all the bankie bags supplying weed, ABSA, Standard, FNB. hehehe. You still find them, but things have changed quite hectically.

any help please as i wanna smoke this first grow of mine.
juuuuuuust smoke it, thats what its there for, dont look at the bud, just smoke it. :yummy:
Hey there, I usually just browse all the bud porn and never post but I cannot let people think weed here looks so bad.

To be honest your posted pictures remind me off what I used to smoke when I got from black guys handing out pamphlets at the traffic lights.

These days I only smoke the best that Johannesburg (and Cape town) has to offer :)

Cape Town Cheese ^^


Pineapple Express ^^


The Purps ^^


"God Bud" ^^


White Rhino ^^
For decent outdoor grown section it's about R50 per gram retail (or US$7). For a large bag of outdoor of about 30-40g it's about R300-R400 (or US$50-60)
For the indoor you will pay between R100-R150 per gram for retail (US$15-20) wholesale is about R1000 for about 10-12g (or US$150)

Prices are largely determined by how much you buy with the higher the quantity the lower the price. And also who you know. Finding a good, consistent trustworthy dealer is painfully hard to do as most South Africans are not prepared to pay large amounts for quality weed and therefore simply succumb to the most vile horrible dirt weed which is sold EVERYWHERE and goes for as little as US1$ for a small bankie or matchbox.

EDIT: Also, Outdoor grown Marijuana is significantly not as potent as indoor grown for those who might be unsure. The local population here are also incredible bad growers often not understanding the difference between Male and Female plants and believing that one should smoke both the seeds and stems. It is not uncommon for a local to try sell you an entire bag filled completely with seeds and stems.
ok cool well i can get what my dealer calls super skunk - but i dont think that it is the same as what you get overseas - up here the black guys call any strong skyf 'skunk' ..its R300 a bankie ... it used to get me hammered but not so much anymore ...need proper stuff ....or seeds to grow my own proper stuff you know ....but its dodgy doin that.
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