South African Strains

Hi mountain
Did you get the feedback you wanted and ask for? Can help.

Yes....thanks.....made a bit of progress......the lighting is an ever shifting decision for me. All research is telling me LED....I know HPS works and is tried and tested, but its hot, power hungry, bulb replacements....I want to go straight into LED.....(spent a lot of time researching the CRI spectrums, PAR and PPFD) will start with the 2 fittings and then assess before building the next 4. At the moment I want to build a.....Vero cob either 12 or 16 (combination of 3000 and 3500) run at 1050 mA.......and then I want to do the Samsung HB24 B's (1120mm light strips) x 10 strips (mix of 3000 and 3500) on aluminium channel sink, SpydrX plus style....100 watts per strip, but tone them down a bit. I am going to import from Rapidled, Digikey or Cutter. Tired of battling locally for components for the build. I just need the chips, sinks, strips.....the rest I can source here. Think I have a plan on the genetics and will then also want at a later stage to buy in some seed to try and experiment a bit. I will only be ready to start, roundabout end April. I have spent the last 3 months messing around, practicing outdoors, germination techniques, veg time, growth rates and sizes, nutrients, soils, coco, pot sizes, watering regimes, LST, topping and fimming etc.....just to see the effect of doing different things and getting a feel for it....indoors will be different, but I need to build some confidence. I will be going organic in coco. Probably just do a small grow to get a feel for the balance on ventilation, temps, humidity, PH, nutrients, light heights and all the hundreds of other pitfalls.

My building will have 3 rooms, 3.6 x 3.6......2.4 x 3.6.........6.2 x 2.5. Ceiling height 3m, 25 degree pitched roof.....insulated.....but still thinking about the room dimensions.
Hi Guys,

I'm an new grower and live in Cape Town. I have Swazi Gold, Mango Kush and CBD Critical Mass seedlings.

When does the plants start to flower here?

Hi Guys, interesting thread. I just started my 1st grow. Any way to tell what strain this might be? Im in the Lowveld and got it from a mates farm
Yeah did so much research before attempting my 1st grow,so I'm fairly confident it's going to turn out decent, outdoor potted soil 100% organic. Bag seed..but we have amazing genetics in South Africa,people just dont bother growing properly or simply dont know how
There I was reading away and liking, only to finally notice I wanted to reply to people from six months ago. Great thread guys.

I am busy with some Blueberry Kush at the moment. when that's done I think i will give some Pondo seeds a go. Using all the same Upgraded methods of course. It wont be total outdoor as we moving to winter now. they just won't have the time they need to do justice to these sativa's..

Check my link if you interested in the Bue's though. They are about Four weeks young now.:morenutes:
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