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Ok here goes.. 1st journal .. will try keep you as updated as possible ..
This is basically a continuous grow I could say.. Every few weeks will throw down new beans and start my winter Greenhouse run.
Most of the strains I will be running are home mades and I'm starting off with 10 SSH x Cataract Kush .


Im just finishing off an outdoor run in a super soil mix I'm trying and have used zero bottle nutrients all season. I will be building more of that soil starting this week. I just got a whole heap of comoosted horse and chicken manure and will begin to make various composts with it as well as add it my super soil.

Seedling mix is just coir and WC 50/50






Super soil mix
This mix is according to a 5kg coir block hydrated out to 60L
5kg coir block / coco Pete
30L Leca (small and large balls)
30L WC
10L composted Horse/Chicken manure
10L mushroom compost
10L ground Alpaca poop (zero burn)
2kg bone meal
2kg kelp meal (if available) or in water in about 5L of Kelpak into it.
10 fish heads
1kg gypsum
500g Epsom salt
1bag of red wrigglers

Added extras are dirt cheap seedling mix I get for 3 bucks a bag which I throw in. Also throwing in this European universal potting soil. Just for shits and giggles. I can wan my south AFRICA friends.. go easy on cultera potting mix.. they are shit. The new seedling mix is ok-ish but just as an adder cos it's dirt cheap if you buy the broken bags.
Back to the soil lol...
Will be covered in tarp and turned every few days for the next month. It's this time during our southern hemisphere winter that my soil for summer is started too. Basically I just keep making new soil and adding new stuff like worms etc.

All plants will only ever get AACT and sprout teas.
All organic! No bottle nutes!
The only thing from a bottle I use is kelp and raw aloe juice.
I make 3 different composts for the stages of growth. I have what I call "The Green" The Orange" and the mix pile. The Green is all my basic green veg plus lucern grass. So all the beans, carrot tops, SPINACH, etc goes into the green pile. The Green pile is the VEG stage pile. Higher in nitrogen especially adding lucern or alfalfa what that call it abroard. A warning on the lucern/alfalfa is go easy. . It can burn.
Orange pile is all that it says hehe .. pumpkin, pumpkin skin, butternut and skin, banana!! Carrots papaya melon, tomoato, mango as well as flower buds and petals etc.. great for FLOWER .. and well a mix is just that.. basic compost mix of everything.
These will composts will be fed in the teas.

Here are some pics of my summer closing out

















Looking fwd to feedback

Hahaha nah it goes a good way .. but the gardens soul purpose is to heal. So a lot is grown for sick friends and family who help pay to maintain the grows in exchange for oils and balms etc .. it's a cool way of not having crazy overheads when new souls need to be built and a way for people who need oils and stuff to do it in a way more cost effective way than having to pay 2k for a 5ml syringe.. and I'm never selling anything either. I'm giving to a community of people who use cannabis to heal their ailments. And they know my standards and what goes into the garden. All organic baby .. my veg garden feeds my medical garden and so it goes :D
That is klas bru well done :passitleft: I would love to supply to some folks who have problems but atm I ain't growing too much. Got some other things to pay off also so kinda need to sell....fuck buying a house rapes you like a nigerian darkie in polsmoor....once all the financial stress goes away I would just grow for myself and a few friends. Got like one good buddy who I will just supply for free
I guess it depends on who you associate with. Strangers are not welcome ever at my house and what I mean by help does not mean people need to know where you stay. Security is of utmost importance but my circle is small and most of my crew been busy for close on 30 years. I don't sell anything to the people i grow for. Like I say it's a system that's worked for me with people trust and known for close on 20 years. Might not work for everyone but I gotta do what I can to help
Keeping on with the soil build. Ordered my kelp meal and some fish meal, should be here with the week. Picking up some turbo grow rock dust on Thursday and all my ingredients will be in and baking by next weekend.
Yesterday's pick up





Finely sifted chicken and horse manure (composted)

Crazy rain storm.last night.. had to do some bracing this morning


Salute my bru :adore: your strains always look legit for sure. Blessings

Working on it man.. I'm only starting to do a selection now. I've grown out too many keepers without taking cuttings thinking they'll be back in another grow cos I had hundressed of seeds lmao .. nope there still the elusive white mountain lion I've never found again haha
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