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space case grinders


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i look at it like this....

a grinder is a grinder, if it gets the job done then its alright.

Space Case grinders have more "features" like a pollen catcher and i believe a storage container but if you just want a simple grinder go for a metal one.. ive broken a fair share of plastic grinders with tricky buds..


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all the space case grinders ive seen are really expensive. i would really appreciate it if someone knows how to get a cheap one. i want a grinder with a screen.
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BigSmokie said:
are space case grinders any better then the off brand ones that you can get at smoke shops and how?

dude get a mendo mulcher off ebay! awesome grinders with kif catchers


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I know if i was gunna buy another grinder, it would definetly have to have a kif catcher... no doubt. I use to watch it get built up in my normal grinder, and you cant really get it out ..


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Space Case grinders are expensive, but after trying the cheaper grinders on ebay and my local headshop, I've found their worth the money. They have the smoothest grinding action, some grinders put their screen directly under the grinding chamber, I've found this can be troublesome, the screens are also typically not of the same quality. Look around Ebay for a real space case, I picked one up around christmas for 70, which also incuded the space case pollen press, which I also recommend.

David Bowman

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I was looking at Space Case and Mendo Mulcher but decided on a Santa Cruz Shredder. I'll be receiving a 2-piece medium SC soon so I'll be able to compare the two grinders. I also have a Magic Flight Finishing Grinder that I've yet to use.
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