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Texas Law Ludicrist: 5 years to life for hash oil brownies


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Check this out and don't get caught in TEXAS........... holy shit!!!!

A Texas teenager is facing five years to life in prison for allegedly baking and selling pot brownies.

Jacob Lavoro, a 19-year-old from Round Rock, Texas, was charged with a first degree felony because he used hash oil instead of marijuana, allowing the state to weigh the brownies as a whole — including the sugar, cocoa, butter and other ingredients — to calculate the weight of the drugs.

Police searched Lavoro's apartment, where they allegedly found 660 grams — or 1.45 pounds — of baked goods (six bags of cookies, nine bags of brownies) along with 16 ounces of marijuana and $1,675 in cash.

"I’ve been doing this 22 years as a lawyer and I’ve got 10 years as a police officer and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Jack Holmes, Lavoro’s attorney, told KEYE-TV. “They’ve weighed baked goods in this case. It ought to be a misdemeanor."

Hash oil, classified as a "Penalty 2" controlled substance under Texas law, contains a higher concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

The teen's father, Joe Lavoro, called the possibility of his son spending life behind bars for a hash brownie recipe “outrageous."

"Five years to life? I'm sorry, I'm a law abiding citizen. I'm a conservative. I love my country. I'm a Vietnam veteran, but I'll be damned," Lavoro said. "This is illogical. I'm really upset, and I'm frightened, I'm frightened for my son."

Lavoro was arrested on April 15 and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of the illegal hash oil and sale of the hash-infused cookies and brownies. He was held in Williamson County Jail and released on May 7 on a $30,000 bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for June 19.

“It’s crazy," Joe Lavoro said. "I don’t understand it."

Neither do pot advocates, who say the possible punishment doesn't fit the crime.

"That's higher than the punishment range for sexual assault, higher than the punishment range for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon," Jamie Spencer, legal counsel for NORML's Texas chapter, said. "It's kind of crazy."

"This case is the perfect example of the insanity of Texas' drug laws," Spencer added. "Especially when it comes to marijuana or anything where the active ingredient is THC."

Author: Dylan Stableford
Source: Yahoo News
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Granny Evie

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Outrageous! My hubby went to prison for a joint back in the 80's. Never 'reformed'. Still toking today and glad he never quit. Finally seeing the day where others won't have to go to prison for their medicine!


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I was entrapped in 'Canadian' Texas...a tiny village, and arrested for a 2nd. degree FELONY..."possession over 4 grams of T.H.C. concentrate". I am a 49 year old, disabled man, with a broken neck, broken lower back, and a shattered heel. I have also been diagnosed with 'P.T.S.D., Severe Anxiety, and Onset O.C.D.', and also have my 'Green card', but am now about to do time in PRISON, for an illegal stop, and due to the fact I am disabled and can't afford the $8,000 for any attorney. I am from La., and missed a turn, and wound up in JAIL, for a few days medicine, and am looking at 2-15 MANDATORY! They were still in the commercial packing from CO...Texas is out of CONTROL!!


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I was arrested last month for having 2 plants growing that were outside and they confiscated them I was in holding for 36 hours and released I haven't gotten an update or anything with regards to my charges or what. I'm in Texas as well.


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I was arrested last month for having 2 plants growing that were outside and they confiscated them I was in holding for 36 hours and released I haven't gotten an update or anything with regards to my charges or what. I'm in Texas as well.
Oh god, Texas :eek:

Between TX, KS, and Indiana those are some of the most backward and ludicrous laws in the U.S.

I see your posting date of about 6 months ago. I hope you are free and happy :D

And not in Texas, lol. These Midwest states are not even trying to get with the program and see all the benefits (health and economic) of a plant creation has gifted us with. As life is a precious gift I believe certain other things in this world fall under that category - and Cannabis is one of them.

I like the glass half full saying. It could be worse. You could've been caught in the Phillipines or Indonesia. Growers face Life or the Death Penalty!

What the hell is wrong with these countries? It's like they have blinders on and don't see what's happening in the rest of the world. But even closer to home to us in North America we have these laws in certain states that profit the jails and they want to put people in there for profit as cheap labor. to me that's borderline slavery-like circumstances.

Whatever your circumstances keep you head up!

Dan :peace:

Happy Earth Day!
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