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Although a bit large for pocket carry and concealment, I'd go as far as to say that the Atmos Boss is my favorite dry herb portable vaporizer to date.

Firstly, it does still fit in the pocket, even wearing pants that aren't baggy.

Secondly, and most importantly, it produces a very high quality vapor.

The chamber is small, as is the case with all portable dry herb vapes, and may not allow for heavy medication with medical patients. That being said, I believe most patients with high dose medical needs will use this pen as a maintenance machine when in short term need away from the home.

Aesthetically the Atmos Boss is a champ, and has a great feel of quality and durability. So far I've only had to charge the battery once, and it continues to work at full strength after a week of daily use. I even took this pen in a pack for some serious dirt biking in the Colorado and Utah deserts. Of course I only vape while on long breaks or at the end of a ride, and do not condone consumption within an hour of operating any type of motor vehicle. But I do have to say that my favorite use for this type of pen is during any stay at a non-smoking hotel or motel. It's a life saver at the end of the night, when all you have to do is take out your pre loaded vaporizer pen and relax in the comfort of your room, without fear of detection from hotel staff or fellow travelers.

I have to be honest in my reviews, as readers depend on this information to make an informed decision. Therefore I will mention briefly the only down side I experienced in traveling with the Boss: the mouth piece. It is removable of course, for cleaning and replacement, but in my opinion it is too removable. Sometimes whilst bending or squatting down, the size of the pen caused the rubber mouthpiece to be pushed up into the upper area of my pocket, resulting it becoming detached. This can lead to a loose ceramic filter in the pocket, or possibly the secondary metal filter being lost. So do pay some attention to your method of carrying, or simply take it in a case or pack it another way.

Aside from this issue, I've got to give credit to Atmos for quality engineering and a superb option with regard to portable dry herb vaporizers. I've truly never had a better vapor from anything else at this size. Whilst the chamber is small, I found it to be more than enough for myself for one session. The smell remains contained for the most part after use, the heating time is reasonable and the flavor is perfect!

You'll want to ensure that your vape stash is plenty dry, grind the herb finely and fill when needed. It's as simple as that. Not once did I experience particulate in the mouth, no matter how fast the draw, and not once has the Boss failed to operate. Furthermore, not once was I disappointed in its function. I have found my new traveling companion - and you can find yours, in several color options, at a reasonable price at


Review By: @Aaron Quix, 420 Magazine Product Reviewer
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