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The Chronic Krypto Guru Masta

King Bongmaster

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Smokin' weed
is not as simple as it seems
sometimes its accomplished
through the efforts of a team
one person breaks it up
another person rolls
or perhaps they decide instead
to pack up several bowls
pick the seeds and
flick the Bic and
take a big long drag
there's kind bud
or commercial
just how much for a bag
you can wake 'n' bake
or clambake or go on Stoney cruises
or do all three at once
that way no one ever loses
I blaze one up
an I laze right down
I twist one up
an I flip that frown
I pack one up
an I'm grinnin' like a clown
I roll another up
an I smoke it to the crown
I'm the Chronic Krypto Guru Masta
preachin' the word
an chiefin' on my blasta
shotguns to the lungs
leave me feelin' quite giddy
I'm in love with Mary-Jane
I think shes so pretty
I take her in my hand
like a giant Gorilla
KING-BONG runnin' shit
just call me WEEDZILLA
I'm the Mota Toka Choka
a dank smokin' champ
inhaling burning clouds
from weed resinous and damp
I've rocked many a smile
through out all of my days
an I'll never stop lovin'
my stonerstyle ways
I display bong skillz
an smoke a pile of jays
roll up some phills
and chill out in a daze
in the suns rays
gettin so blazed
tryin' to feed my muchies
with some chicken fillets
I never say NO
I never feel fear
I've never met a bong
that I thought I couldn't clear
I never give up
or get smoked out
cuz representin the Reefa
is what I'm all about.
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