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Hello everyone! just wanted to take a minute to introduce meself. JamminJerry from Michigan, USA. Peace to you all! Just recently got my legal papers for medical use. wow! been waiting since my first toke, way back in 1974. Anyhoo, My job includes karaoke host, dj & drummer. hope alls good out there & talk soon. Peace, Love & Rock-n-Roll!!!!

Matanuska Valley

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Welcome to 420Magazine. I hope you enjoy your stroll around the forums...
I was from Michigan up by Reed city / Cadillac area....:peace:

MV... :rollit:


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small world buddy. got family up in Evart, just east of Reed City. Hope alls well out there in 420 world for ya! Peace!

BTW, yes on the browsing about. Enjoying and reading up a bit. Been a while since i've been in the growing stages. Child bearing years causing abilities to slow some. However, I have the forums to help me on any issues, like OVER WATERING, lol. yep, new environment and over zelous on getting them grown. They will all be good in a week :) Peace again!
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