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The Real Reason Marijuana Is Illegal


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The real reason marijuana REMAINS illegal is that the majority of the people are opposed to it and have been for a very long time, plain and simple. It wasn't until just recently that any credible poll of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana, and our representatives have governed accordingly. Yes, it sucks being on the losing team or in the minority, but the facts are the facts. Do you know why conspiracy theories exist? Because people sit around, pity themselves, and try to make all the excuses in the world to justify their beliefs to themselves. If you want to make a difference in America, you must educate voters based on scientific and factual evidence that rational people can understand and relate with to sway them to vote accordingly. Spewing forth deep, dark secrets of the underworld and it's perilous villians secretly ruling the world is not going to sway any rational human being or help end prohibition, it will only make you look bad and seem like a very viable candidate for the loony bin.


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I always figured it was because governments with no conscience - which is pretty much all of them - like to have a group of people that they can portray as bad/evil/smelly, and if a convenient group isn't around, they'll fabricate one.
US and certain European Govts all have one thing in common : They want your money . If there is any kind of popular product that the public uses amd buys then govts want their fair share , which is really as much as they can get ( Laws always change for more taxatation not less ) So , they cant get their money then they make it ILLEGAL and for an industry of police activity to combat usage , drugs are a government business if govts have it legal, OK IF not then crime fighting makes them a new Industry . If you go to Jail they dont care all they want is YOUR MONEY .
It all comes down to money. I just wander if the idiots keeping it illegal know how much money can be made by legalizing it.
It is very sad that greed is going to destroy the world as we know it. Chemicals have polluted our Air so bad that we will probably never be able to have clean air again. I just feel bad for all the future generations that will have to grow up with all the toxins in the world. It's truly devastating to know man will fill the world full of deadly toxins just to become rich.... (But what gets me is all that money they are making isn't going to help them when the world is beyond repair). Hemp was put here for the greater good and help people sustain an equality way of life, but thanks to man they took that away and polluted the entire globe... I can't remember a time where I live on the east coast that we had clear water in our creeks and oceans... Dupont has dumped so many chemicals in the rivers and streams the water looks brown and smells like rotten eggs and our Government turns a blind eye to it, all for the sake of the almighty dollar.... They are excempt from following any pollution guidelines as well as the gas refinery companies and drug companies.... Plastics,drugs,tobacco,oil etc are all a major contributor to the pollution of our once great planet so I urge each and everyone to do as others on here have said, and copy the The Reason Marijuana is Illegal and send it to your congress men and women and spread the truth about how Hemp is so much more a reliable source for sustainable energy,food,clothing paper then any method our country has been using for the past 70 years.... Remember we are not just one voice we are many, and the more the word gets spread the more people will hopefully open there eyes up, to see what Big Business has really done to our planet using there chemicals instead of using Hemp.

I would like to give a Huge thanks to Doug Yurchey for writing that amazing article & to 420 Magazine for such an awesome and informative website dedicated to Cannabis!
There will be a time when the world understands the truth behind this propaganda, with information so easily accessible over the net, new generation of worldwide leaders coming up and the old stepping down, it's just a matter of time.. hopefully.
There will be a time when the world understands the truth behind this propaganda, with information so easily accessible over the net, new generation of worldwide leaders coming up and the old stepping down, it's just a matter of time.. hopefully.
Agreed. The good news is that we have made a lot of progress already. Attitudes are changing. People that used to think cannabis was a horrible drug are seeing the real truth. The other great thing is that lots of people enjoy cannabis as it is and will keep doing so. Fock the haters. :D
Wow, what an amazing read, didn't ever realise how deep it went, well I for one am all for the hemp that god naturally placed here, and don't forget
Times will change, hopefully before its too late.
FDSA.... i had to share this.. regardless of anyones view on the subject of legalization (i support it fully) this is invaluable info that NEEDS to be shared in a widespread forum... great info, and ty for the post..
I don't know about other places, but here in America it's all about big business. Actually it's the pharmaceutical companies. There the ones threatened by cannabis. Think about it, if cannabis becomes legal everywhere, people will start to see the benefits of a true natural all healing drug. The pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists buddy's are the reason why cannabis is in the same category as cocaine and heroin. None of this makes any sense, until you realize that cannabis will single handily destroy the pharmaceutical industry. And they stand to loose BILLIONS. And that is the reason why marijuana is still illegal.

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i totally agree... Cannabis is a gift of gods! i now use it to treat my mother's cancer. THC does do good... The Chemo is a big lie! only for profit, people say it's good for cancer. Doctors have become the representatives of drug companies! it took me 2 years to get my mum to accept the RSO oil. 20-25% THC.... now slowly she seems better. She even said "i think it does do help..."


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Thanks for the jpeg. I kind of wish you'd uploaded via the mobile app so it didn't get watermarked the way that it did (I wouldn't mind it if it were a little lower).

BtW, you can add DuPont/Dow to the "Foods" box <SHUDDERS> . Maybe killing people indirectly through their pollution wasn't fast enough? In 1999, it sold a major oil and gas company and bought Pioneer Hi-Bred (large U.S. producer of hybrid agricultural seeds and a major player in the genetically modified organism industry). In 2002 it sold one of its businesses off (to a food-products packaging company, so I'm guessing it was one of their plastics/related ones). In 2004, it sold its textile business. In 2004, it bought Danisco (a Danish bio-based company with activities in food production, enzymes and other bioproducts as well as a wide variety of pharmaceutical grade excipients). In 2012, it bought the rest of Solae (a soy-based ingredients supplier), a business that it had formed in a joint venture with another company. In 2013, it sold DuPont Performance Coatings. In 2015, it sold off its neoprene chloroprene rubber business - and spun off its Performance Chemicals business.

In other words, DuPont has been shifting its focus from most all of the things that it had been traditionally known for - and, ironically, what it is still mostly recognized for - for decades... to the GMO / agricultural industry, since at least as far back as 1999. Those business acquisitions were multi-billion dollar deals. They spend billions each year on research, patent acquisition, licensing agreements, and perhaps picking up the odd business or two.

Then - after some hopelessly doomed-to-fail legal challenges - it merged with the Dow Chemical Company. The entity, now known as DowDuPont, announced that it would split into three separate companies, focusing on agribusiness, materials science, and specialty product industries. Many have questioned the wisdom of this, because only one of those three would appear to have prospects for future growth and profit (the specialty products industry). It seems there are reduced crop prices and less market for agricultural chemicals, and lower margins on plastics.

Maybe they should have asked a climate-change scientist/researcher? It turns out that a big chunk of the food that feeds the world's masses is grown in locations where it would not take a huge increase in global average temperatures to pretty much pooch it.

Let's see... Monsanto and Bayer were the 1st and 3rd largest biotech and seed firms. Bayer bought Monsanto. Dow and DuPont were the 4th and 5th largest biotechnology and seed companies in the world. They merged. Together, these two mega-corps control 63 percent of the global seed market and 76 percent of the global agriculture chemical market. They also control 95 percent of corn, soybeans, and cotton traits in the US.

Yeah... Add DowDuPont to the "Foods" box. If there's one for "World Domination," they go in that one, too.

I used to think, "These big corporations don't care about global warming or pollution," and it made me angry. Now, however... Now, I think that they do care. They want it to happen, because it falls in line with their long-term profit/power strategies. And I'm not angry any more - I'm absolutely enraged, pretty much all of the time.
The reason cannabis is illegal is votes, simple as that. If more people would vote to make it legal than wouldn’t then legal it would be. Politicians are interested in being in power, nothing more. Certain groups campaign, spread information/disinformation to keep their group voting in a certain direction. The legality of cannabis is just another issue to argue over.


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The reason cannabis is illegal is votes, simple as that. If more people would vote to make it legal than wouldn’t then legal it would be.
I've always said that the real reason for this thing - and most every other thing in this country - is WE, the people. As is the case for all the other almost 200 countries around the planet, too.

PEOPLE empower the governments - not the other way 'round.