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Tiny tiny bit of white mold on buds in curing jars - Help!


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Okay so I normally check the jars every day but I forgot yesterday. These buds are really fat but also have been quite moist and slow to dry. I put them in jars when the outside felt dry as I had to cut them off the stems early on for transport.

I opened them up today and noticed a small amount of mold on one of the buds. I almost didnt notice it because these are really crystally buds and the spots of mold are really small. I took the effected jar and put it on the plate in an oven at 110degreesC for like 2 mins. Its bone bone dry now but there are stil noticeable tiny tiny white spots dotted around. I've looked quite extensively inside the buds and thats all there is, small white spots.

I've read quite alot about mold and the vast majority will only cause minor illness at most. So my first question is now theyre bone dry should I put them back in the jar or not? I've just smoked a bud that had some on, guess we'll see what happens.
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