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Trimming leaves while in 12/12 cycle


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is it okay to trimm 15%-20% of the leaves. first i have PM issues and it seems the leaves are growing fast same as the buds. it's just growing so fast. I trimmed it few days agoand everythign is growing again. it doesnt stop. but good thign is the budz are growing at a good and fast pace. any advise?


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let nature take its course.... i never trim leaves,, except the dying ones... good luck..

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If PM is an issue. B4 treating your plants, if you see more than 50% of a leaf covered in PM, CAREFULLY remove the leaf. If its a matter of getting more light to a certain part of the plant then I'd suggest tucking the leaves instead of cutting/trimming. Rule of thumbs is the plants need their leaves to photosynthesize (converting light into energy). Leave the leaves alone unless they are necrotic or sick.


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i trimed about 15% of the leaves. there usually 2 big leaves at each internode. always leave 1 leaf at each node.
ive screwed up a plant by removing too many leaves. to early. small buds. not absorbing enough light. Its wise to remove leaves. to cut leaves covering buds that dont get and light. even after cutting medium size leaves. the buds still get covered w/ leaves 2 days later. i lst each branch so the bottom of the plant gets light. i find that this is the best method to get those center bottom buds get light. LST w/ 15% trim will work.:reading420magazine:


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I trim my girls very agresively before I put them into flower, so there's 1-4 main colas a plant.
At 14 days into flower I trim agresively agian, I remove anything that doesen't look like it's going to stay close to the main colas also take my clones for my next run.
After that if a fan leaf is blocking light from any of my buds it's gone.
I grow short heavy plants, it works great for me with all grade A smoke.


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i trim some of my leaves after all budding sites have been formed. and as rushed said leave some on each cola and main branches.
i dont really agree w/ aggressive trimming. but i use 42w cfls for side light.
but agree those lower center buds need light.
you can get some good yeild w/ top and side lights.
i also agree that some leaves should be trimed. just at a minimum. cfls on the sides and from the bottom on top of hps.
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