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Trinity side by side Super Closet....I need help


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last monday i planted 15seeds in 1" rockwool cubes... i messed up by putting them in nutrient water 1st instead of just regular water. Two of the 15 seeds have already started to grow above ground and are about 4-5 inches tall with their 1st set of leaves...if any of you are familiar with the trinity super closet by i need your help for what i should do next...i all the other 13seeds and some of them have germinated as well and are growing tap roots the others are not... I have my "bubble tub" set up to place the rockwell cubes in the 3in cups with regular water in them... should i now transfer the two that are growing into the bubble system now and provide them with fluorescent light??? or what...im so not sure what to do next...and the instructions i have are garbage... also the 2 that are growing have a yellowish green tint on the leaves and stem is this normal??? please help...

If anyone has experience with super closets or any type of grow closet similar to this 1 please help me...


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Good Morning 2 all :tokin:,

If you can help in any way please....Help me lmao!!!

I started my 1st grow ever last week using the Trinity Side By Side super closet by supercloset.com i planted 15 seeds and only 2 of them have sprouted above my rockwell cubes surface. They all have germinated and sprouted roots but only 2 made it above the surface thus far. Should I be extremely worried with why the other 13 haven't come above ground yet??? Next... 1 of the plants has lost its 1st leaves, Im not sure wtf happend because they were there yesterday and now part of the stem is just a limp noodle...is this a bad sign???can i save this plant if it is??? The other 1 is looking good its slightly yellowlish-green on the flowers and on the stem...but the roots have not made it out the bottom of the rockwool cube yet...do i leave it in the germination bowl i have(which is a plastic black tray with a plastic dome top) or do i move it in2 my bubble system? im so lost and i dont know what to do lol...i dont want to loose anymore seeds than I have 2 because these seeds cost me pretty penny...

I orginally started them in nute water which I found out I shouldnt have done...and now they are sittin in ph'd water(reg tap water) the ph is around 5-6(slightly yellowish-orange if your looking at the ph color code). Ok so today makes the 6th day since planting and I could really use some good feed back and advice brother! LOL!!!

Thanks A Million!!!
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